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Bars are probably the first place that come to mind when you’re thinking about where to meet single women in Dallas. But did you know that the bars are actually the worst place to meet women? Bars are often a first thought, because are, after all, tons of women there. And let’s face it, alcohol makes it easier for you to approach them. The problem is women are usually turned off by drunk men at bars. So even if you’re the nicest guy in the bar, she’s going to think you’re sleazy.

Instead of going to the bar like everyone else does, why not think outside the box? If you want to start a successful relationship with a quality woman, then you need to stop frequenting the local bars. Let our Dallas matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles show you some great bar-free places to meet single women in Dallas.

  1. Through Friends


Who says playing matchmaker is only for professionals? Think of it like this: your friends know you well, they watch you succeed in life, they know your likes and dislikes, and they know your preferences in a partner. So it’s safe to say they know you very well, right? Why not reach out to them and ask them if they have anyone in mind for you?

  1. At School


If you’re taking an afternoon/evening class, why not use it as an opportunity to meet new women? The class itself gives you the perfect opportunity to create conversation. Ask her if she wants to be your study buddy, share notes, and start sitting with her in class. This will give her the hint that you’re interested in her. Even if it’s a hobby class or intermural sports league, keep your eyes peeled.

  1. Work Events


Okay, so maybe you don’t have time to take an afternoon class, but what about that upcoming work event that your company is hosting? Now, this can be a slippery slope since many workplaces forbid dating coworkers. Potential breakups will also make working together difficult. Look into company policy for this one. But who said it must be your work event? What about one of your friend’s work events?

  1. Bookstores


Yes, they’re still around. Even if you’re a fan of reading books on your tablet, why not get out to the local bookstore to see what’s out there? You can also visit a local coffee shop in the middle of the day, as it gives you the perfect opportunity to chat it up with a cutie. Books make for easy conversation.

  1. Sporting Events


If you love sports, why not find a woman who shares your passions? Start buying tickets to local events and walk around looking for attractive women. You will find that women at sporting events are very laidback and easygoing. We say that they’re girlfriend material.

  1. At Church


Are you looking for a beautiful, intelligent woman with values? Do you want a quality woman you can take home to your parents? Then why not check out a local church or religious house where you live? The more you become involved in your religion, the more you’ll devote yourself to it. The great thing about finding a woman at a local church is that both of you share the same religious beliefs, which is great to start a meaningful relationship.

Ever since we can remember, men have been heading to bars to meet women. But the bars and clubs aren’t the only place to meet single women in Dallas. When it comes down to meeting women, you must think outside the box, especially when you’re looking for something meaningful.

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