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Everyone possesses good and not so good qualities. The key is for the good ones to outweigh the bad ones. Unfortunately, in relationships, this isn’t always easy to find. Some qualities of a great woman are often overlooked, and if you’re not paying attention, you might miss them altogether.

Being a great woman is not always about putting others above yourself or giving into a man. It is the moral compass you have, the empathy you display, and the love you give. If you are dating a woman who has the eight qualities in this dating article, consider yourself to be a fortunate guy. Never, and we mean never, let her get away.

Today, our Dallas matchmaking service will show you the top qualities of a great woman. These are the qualities all men wish for in a long-term partner.

  1. She’s kind and nurturing.


Being kind and nurturing is one of the best qualities a woman can have. It is the ability to care for someone and acknowledge their needs. Nurturing doesn’t mean to take care of them, it means to recognize someone’s needs and help them. If you have a woman who is nurturing, consider yourself lucky.

  1. She’s forgiving.


Another great quality a woman can have is forgiveness. Many people will say, “I forgive you,” but never really mean it. If a woman truly forgives you, it means she will never bring up the fight again. If she forgave you, she has forgotten and leaves it in the past in the past.

  1. She’s not spiteful.


One of the hardest things not to be in life is spiteful. When someone has hurt you or embarrassed you, it’s very difficult not to turn the other cheek. A woman who gets over being hurt without striking back is an awesome woman to have in your life. If she’s mature enough to handle life situations without spite, then she’s a keeper.

  1. She’s not jealous.


Women are known for being jealous—not just in relationships but in life in general. Jealousy is a very difficult trait to deal with, especially in a relationship. It can destroy even the best relationship. It isn’t just about being jealous when you’re out with or talking to other women. It’s about being jealous in the relationship about successes and accomplishments. If the woman you’re with doesn’t get jealous, she’s a great woman—a woman you don’t want to lose.

  1. She’s patient.


Patience is key. It’s difficult to wait around for the things we want. A woman who is patient for what she desires is very rare to find. Not insisting on having what we want when we want it is a very unique quality to have, especially in this age when everyone wants everything right away.

  1. She’s encouraging.


Sometimes life throws us curves, and you need a little encouragement. The right woman will help you push along through those curves and will always be in your corner. She will be cheering for you, telling you not to give up or encouraging you to get back on track when things get rough.

  1. She’s your rock.


A very good quality that most men want in a woman is strength, not the physical kind but the helpful type—the type of strength where you can count on someone for anything—someone who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty when needed.

  1. She’s loyal.


Loyalty is rare today. The woman who is loyal and doesn’t betray you is one-of-a-kind. In a partnership, loyalty is the strongest bond you can have.

A woman is not always going to exhibit the best side of herself. But if you know she has these qualities, then she is an amazing woman who is worthy of a long-term relationship or marriage.

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