Dallas Matchmakers Reveal 4 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

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If you ignore these warning signs of a toxic relationship, you’re setting yourself up for future heartache.  It’s hard to accept that your relationship is a bad one… but the sooner you do, the better it will be for you to cut your losses and move on so you can find the loving and healthy relationship you deserve.

In a good relationship, you feel happy with your partner without constantly needing reassurance or approval.  You feel accepted, loved, and secure with him.  One of the biggest warning signs of a bad relationship is feeling unsure.

If you don’t have a good feeling, a feeling of relief and joy when you’re with them, something is wrong.  You should always trust your instincts and listen to the little voice as you scroll down these warning signs of a bad relationship.

If you’re questioning the health of your partnership, get ready as our Fort Worth matchmakers reveal the early warning signs of a toxic relationship.

  1. You Can’t See Any Positive Effects He’s Had on You


One of the wonderful things about being in a relationship is getting to learn new things from your boyfriend and being introduced to things he likes, such as his interests and hobbies.  Being in a relationship can often mean you try out different things and take on good qualities that he brings to the table.

If you can’t think of any way in which your boyfriend has positively influenced you, however, this means that he probably isn’t the right boyfriend for you.  Ideally, you should both be making each other better individuals, and you should get the impression that you’re improving from being in a relationship with him.  Whether you’ve learned to be more patient, or you’ve learned a new sport or skill, you should be able to identify some positives.

2 There’s No Sense of Security


When you’re in a relationship, you want to feel secure.  You want to know that the relationship is grounded in a sense of stability and like you have a strong foundation with your boyfriend.  If, on the other hand, your boyfriend makes you feel like he could leave at any given second or that a breakup could happen any day now, these are signs of a bad relationship.

Although none of us can be certain what the future holds, you should at least be able to find a sense of security in your boyfriend and feel like you’re not about to have the rug pulled out from underneath you.  Uncertainty breeds other negative feelings, and not knowing whether or not your partner is committed to at least trying to make it work is a good way for things to end fast.

  1. He’s Dismissive of Your Hobbies & Interest


Part of what makes you the wonderful, unique individual you are, is everything you’re interested in, including your hobbies and interests.  Now, your partner doesn’t have to like everything you do, but it’s important that he shows a willingness to learn about your interests and hobbies and not criticize them in any way.

Just because you love hot yoga doesn’t mean that he all of the sudden has to develop a passion for hot yoga, but he should definitely embrace the fact that you like it and not try to convince you otherwise.  If he tries to get in the way of the things you love in life, that’s a sign of a very selfish person, which should be enough to make you think twice about this relationship.

  1. He Lies A Lot


Ok, we don’t have to tell you that lying is never good, but it’s definitely a huge red flag if it happens all the time.  Healthy relationships should be based on trust and mutual respect, and when you catch your boyfriend lying to you, it’s a direct violation of the trust you have.

And it’s not just lying about cheating that’s awful – any kind of lying should be treated as a warning sign that the relationship isn’t healthy.  Partners in a relationship should be honest with each other; otherwise, how can you believe what he tells you?  If you’ve caught him lying time and time again, definitely be wary, as you never know what he’ll lie about next time around.

So how does your relationship measure up? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? If you notice a few of these red flags, it’s time to ditch this toxic partner and find the relationship you desire and deserve.

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