Dallas Dating Service | 5 Red Flags She Wants Your Guy

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We all know this woman too well.  She’s your boyfriend’s coworker, neighbor, one of his friends, or even one of your besties.  She appears genuine and friendly at first, but most of us can see right through her.  She is plotting to steal your boyfriend.  She’s bidding her time waiting for you to screw up one time so she can swoop in and steal your guy.  She watches his every move on social media, she studies him, and tries to formulate a plan to get close to him.

We know what you’re thinking, she can’t steal a man unless he allows himself to be stolen.  This is 100% true.  Men can make their own decisions, and if they fall victim to a woman who is looking to get them, then you don’t need them anyways.  But that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down and let your boyfriend get stolen.  Today, our Fort Worth dating service will show you five warning signs she’s trying to steal your guy.

1. She Surprises Him

She shows up to his office because she says she was “in the neighborhood.”  She drops by your house because she’s selling a product and thought you guys would be interested.  She wants to hang out all the time so she makes excuses to get together.  If she reads a funny article, she’ll send it to him right away.  In small ways, she lets him know that she’s always thinking about him.  Why?  Because she is.  She’ll do anything to be next to him, especially when you’re not there.

2. She Complains About Other Guys

It seems as though every time she starts talking, she’s complaining about another guy.  However, although you might not care, she acts as though your boyfriend is her trusted confidante and runs to him for help.  She says she needs advice, but that’s not what she really wants.  She just wants an excuse to get close to him.  She hopes he’ll realize that he’s the only one who can make her happy.

3. She’s Way Too Open

She pretends as though your boyfriend is her best friend and tells him everything.  She tells him things you only tell your boyfriend.  For example, she’ll talk openly about her intimate life just to spark his imagination.  She might ask his opinion about something she’s wearing just so he can notice how beautiful she looks.  Or maybe she’ll go as far as changing her outfit right in front of him.  She brushes it off as friendship, but we know that’s not the case.  It is downright disrespectful.

4. She Flirts With Him All the Time

You probably think that a woman who is trying to steal your boyfriend wouldn’t make a move in front of you, right?  Wrong, that’s not how women operate.  Why?  Because she cares more about him than what you think about her.  She’s so desperately trying to get him that she’ll shamelessly and openly flirt with him right in front of you.  If your boyfriend flirts back, then it’s time to sit him down and have a talk with him.  He might claim to be naïve but he’s disrespecting you.  Don’t turn your head to avoid a confrontation, because you deserve a man who treats you with respect.

5. She Tells Other People

You might start hearing rumors that she has a crush on your boyfriend.  She’s told all the ladies that she secretly has something for him.  This is a huge red flag.  People don’t come up with rumors out of nowhere.  Someone, meaning her, had to say something about your boyfriend.  If you’re hearing things about her wanting to be with him, chances are it’s because she said those things.

Some friends are not who they appear to be on the outside, and your man might not be oblivious to her wicked ways.  If you think a woman is trying to steal your man, compare her behavior to the red flags we addressed today.  Watch out for these key red flags that she just might be a bird of prey trying to steal your man.

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