Dallas Matchmakers | How Netflix Can Save Your Relationship

single women in dallas

It’s funny how Netflix has become so popular today.  You know and we know it, it’s everyone’s obsession.  Everyone loves the action-packed shows on Netflix—the world’s obsessing over them.  From the Game of Thrones to Orange Is the New Black (and a plethora more), we never have to leave the comfort of our own home because there’s plenty to entertain us on Netflix.

Everyone has heard the term Netflix & chill as a code for hooking up, but that’s not what it means for serious couples.  We’re not recommending you become couch potatoes and ditch real life romance and dates, but a little Netflix here and there—especially when the work week leaves you feeling exhausted and too tired to move—can actually improve your relationship.  Couples that binge-watch shows together stay together.  So let our Dallas matchmakers show you how Netflix can save your relationship.

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