Dallas Matchmakers Reveal Conversation Topics for Dates

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Everyone has been there before. The day is going great and there is obviously a connection and all of the sudden the conversation comes to a stop. You really want to keep things going but your brain is drawing a blank. You have clue what to say next and sit there clueless.

Sure, you could go with, “wow, this restaurant is great, right? But everyone has used that line before. It might actually make things more awkward for you and date. If you want to keep things going pay close attention to what our Dallas matchmakers have in store for you today.

Why Good Conversation Is So Important


Keeping a conversation flowing is real hard. It’s difficult to keep a good conversation going with someone you just met. The truth is more meaningful conversations take place between two people who already know each other well.

This isn’t to say that it’s impossible to keep a good conversation going with someone you just met. Yes it will be difficult and maybe a little nerve-wracking but we have confidence that you’ll keep a good conversation going on your next date. Today our matchmakers are going to give you a few conversation topics you can use on your next date.

Tips For Making Good Conversation


Before we give you the specifics on good conversation topics to use on your next date, you need to understand a few simple guidelines to help you with your date conversation.

  1. Use Your Surroundings To Your Advantage


The date venue you are at can give you many things to talk about. Whether it’s what’s playing on tv or the fact the is located near a river. You will find that the venue can give you plenty of things to talk.

  1. Keep An Eye On Their Body Language


Body language can tell you a lot about your date. For starters it can tell you if they like the conversation topic being discussed. If her or she isn’t facing you, their eyes aren’t engaged or they are not smiling then it’s obvious that they don’t like the topic. Switch it up at this point.

  1. Keep Things Light


Don’t dive into hot topics of conversation during your first few dates. Remember to always keep things light and fun. If you don’t know them well, the last thing you want to do is get into an argument over politics or religion.

Good Conversation Topics You Can You On Your Next Date

Now that we have the basics covered, here are a few topics of conversation you can use on your next date or introductions. Good luck.

  1. Have You Read Any Good Books Lately?


If you are looking for something fun and light to talk about this is it. asking your date about their favorite books can give you a quick glimpse into what they are about. A person’s favorite book can give you plenty of things to talk about.

  1. What Do You Do During Your Spare Time?


Asking them this questions is sure to keep the conversation going for a long time. Everyone enjoys talking about themselves especially what they do for fun. This is guaranteed to keep them chatting for a while.

  1. What Do You Like About Your Job?


This questions opens the door for more discussions. They clearly love their job and are passionate about it. they are going to tell you all about it and keep the conversation going in a fun way.

  1. Do You Have Any Strange Habit?


Everyone has their own unique habit. Whether is eating pizza with a fork or only drinking soda from a can. This is going to spark some kind of funny conversation.

  1. What Celebrity Would You Like To Meet And Why?


This is a standard question but it can still work. Find out what celebrity they would like to meet and why. This can also give you an insight to what type of person they are.

  1. Do You Come To Eat Here Often?


This question might seem a little too cliché but it actually works. It opens the door for more conversation. If they say yes find out what they order there and why they love it so much.

  1. I Notice You Like “fill the blank”


This  can be something like a favorite color they are wearing or something about an activity they keep talking about. If  you notice they like something ask them about it.

  1. Have You Been To A Place Like This Before?


If your take is taking place somewhere unique like a winetasting event or a trendy restaurant find out if they have been to the place before. This can help you gain insight into their lives.

  1. Do You Have Any Pets?


Classic question to ask. Find out of your date has any pets. If someone has pets they are going to love to talk about them. if they don’t have one it can open the door to further conversation.

  1. How Do You Describe Your Ideal Weekend


Everyone has their own unique idea of the perfect weekend. For some is a wild night in the town with friends and for others is Netflix at home eating pizza. Find out what they like to do after their long week of work. Asking the this will have them chatting up like a storm.

Remember that not all conversation needs to be cliché. Use the above conversation topics from our Dallas matchmakers on your next date and we promise that you’ll have a great time without awkward silences. These are good conversation topics you can use the next time you feel a little tongue-tied in from of a date and help you get to know each other better.