Fort Worth Dating Experts | 6 Worst Single Men in Dallas to Date

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When you’re falling for a new guy, it can be hard to see his true colors.  You might think you found Prince Charming, but beneath his good looks and charming personality are all sorts of red flags popping up.  Your friends might have already seen the red flags and are trying to warn you, but you’re too smitten to see them for yourself.  Well, we’re here to give you the lowdown on all the different types of single men in Dallas you should avoid dating.

If you want to keep your heart in one piece and find your perfect match, check out the list from our Fort Worth matchmakers and familiarize yourself with the worst single men in Dallas to date.  Learn which guys to stay away from in the Dallas dating scene and save yourself the frustrations and heartache down the road.

1. The Player

You know the guy whose phone rings all the time, the one whose phone is constantly blowing up with text messages when you’re together?  Oh, yes, that guy.  He might try to convince you that it’s just his mom, sister, or friends, but you know deep down that it’s another woman.  The player might try to hide his womanizing acts at first, but everything will slowly come to the surface and you will see him for what he truly is: a player.

2. The Commitment Phobe

The commitment phobe is the worst man to date because this guy is not looking for a serious relationship but will lead you to believe his is in order to get what he wants.  There are simply too many great single men in Dallas for you to waste your time with a guy who will only leave you with a broken heart one day.  Whether he just went through a bad breakup or never had a relationship to begin with, a commitment phobe will always have a reason why he can’t be your partner.  It’s best to walk away before you invest your time and heart in this guy.

3. The Bad Boy

Everyone has dated a bad boy, and everyone knows a bad boy is not worthy of a relationship.  We know how attractive bad boys can be, but if you’re looking for a serious relationship, then you want to stay clear of them in the dating scene.  They spell nothing but trouble.

4. The Liar

Everyone tells a little lie from time to time, but a liar takes lying to a whole other level.  Early on in your relationship, you might catch him in little lies and brush it off as no big deal, but in due time, he’ll tell bigger lies that will hurt the relationship. A liar cannot be trusted and is not worthy of your time.

5. The Momma’s Boy

At first, you might have gotten butterflies when your man told you that his mother was his #1, but you slowly started to realize that his bond with his mom was a little too much.  Not only does she still buy his groceries, but she still does his laundry, cleans his place, and checks up on him many times a day.  A momma’s boy will always put his mom first, even above you.  His momma is not going anywhere soon, so you might as well get comfortable coming second to her all the time.  If you want to date a man who can’t stand on his own, then go for the momma’s boy.

6. The Cheapy

A guy who is good with money, has a nice savings account, and has his finances in order is a great candidate for a relationship.  But a cheap guy is a complete turn off.  Every woman deserves to be wined and dined, but if your man makes you front the bills or takes you to the drive-thru at McDonald’s, then he’s not serious about impressing you and is not worthy of your time.  If he’s going through a tough financial situation or just lost his job, you can give him a little slack.  But if he makes good money and is just plain cheap, walk away.

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