Fort Worth Matchmaking | 7 Signs He Wants to Cheat with You

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Having a girlfriend doesn’t mean he’s faithful to her. Are you unsure of his motives towards you? Maybe he’s just friendly. So, it’s time you stopped questioning yourself and understood the signs he wants to cheat with you.

Once you figure it out, then it’s your choice as to what you’re going to do about this.

Once thing we can say, though, is that you should never get involved with someone that’s already in a relationship.

Today, our Fort Worth matchmakers will show you the signs he wants to cheat with you.

  1. You feel it.


Women have really great intuition. The problem is that sometimes they look past it and don’t believe in themselves when they feel something. If you feel that he’s sweet talking you because he wants to cheat with you, then you’re probably right. Don’t ever second guess your intuition because it’s always right. Your intuition is there for a reason. Trust it. If you feel something, you’re most likely right about it.

  1. He tells you that he has a girlfriend.


He has no problem telling you he’s in a relationship. In fact, he reminds you that he has a girlfriend every time he sees you. But he doesn’t mind flirting with you and touching you in a way that’s more than friends. He’s letting you know this so that if something happens, it’s not serious for him. Basically, he tells you whatever happens, don’t get attached.

  1. He initiates things.


Now, when a guy initiates a flirty conversation with someone, he’s interested in that person. Let’s not play dumb here and give him excuses as to why he’s approaching you. He approaches you because he’s into you. It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about, just the fact that he approached you is enough of a sign that he wants to cheat.

  1. He hides his relationship.


Now, you have guys who tell you right away that they are in a relationship and have a girlfriend and continue to flirt with you like nothing is wrong. They do that so that you know that whatever happens isn’t serious for them. However, you also have guys who completely lie about their relationship status and give the false impression that they are available when they’re not.

  1. He tells you.


If he tells you that he wants to cheat with you, well, you don’t need any more signs than that. He tells you that he has a girlfriend so that you’re clear with where you stand with him. He’s looking for a hookup, one that won’t destroy his relationship he already has with his girlfriend. Basically, he’s looking for a side dish.

  1. He compliments you.


Listen, if you have a new haircut and he says you look great, that doesn’t mean he wants to cheat with you. But if he’s noticing all those little things you do and telling you that you’re beautiful every time he sees you, he’s into you for sure. There’s a time and place for compliments, but overdoing them shows that he wants to cheat with you.

  1. He hides you.


You may work together, but his girlfriend has no clue who you are. That’s odd, why would he hide you from her? Well, he doesn’t want her to know about you because he doesn’t want there to be drama. But why would there be drama? Well, that’s because he wants to cheat with you.

Ladies, it’s not easy to deal with a man who’s coming onto you when he’s already off the market. Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. Tell him you stand firm and are not about to play into his cheating ways.

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