Dallas Matchmakers | 5 Signs of Manipulation in a Relationship

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Unfortunately, manipulation in a relationship is more common than most people know or realizes. It happens all the time, and a lot of the time you don’t even know it. It leaves you wondering what exactly the signs of manipulation in a relationship are.

The manipulator tends to be so controlling in their own way that you are tricked into thinking their behavior is okay.

Signs of Manipulation in a Relationship

If you aren’t keeping an eye for these things, you likely won’t notice them. People who are manipulated by their partner believe they did something to encourage this behavior.

If you’re reading our blog today, there is a reason. And if you’re wondering if there are signs of manipulation in your relationship to be found, there probably are.

Today, our Dallas matchmakers will reveal the top signs of manipulation in a relationship. Keep your eyes open and pay attention.

  1. They start fights over anything.


When your relationship first starts, controlling behavior can be hard to notice. You want to come off as agreeable and easygoing with your partner. You may not notice anything at first, but it can easily become a long-term pattern.

If your partner continuously picks fights over small things like where to eat dinner or where to go out on a Friday night, they pick a fight so that you give in. Many people hate confrontation, and if that is you, they will use that against you and get their way all the time.

  1. They blame you for other people’s actions.


This can be misinterpreted as jealousy. If someone comes on to you and your partner gets angry at you, even though you didn’t do anything wrong, they want to control your behavior.

If they attack your behavior, the way you dress, or even your personality for someone else’s behavior, be a friend or co-worker, they aren’t jealous in a cute way. They are controlling.  They are trying to change you to make themselves more comfortable.

  1. They blame you for their actions.


Does your partner get mad at you for no reason? Or make a mistake and come back saying if you didn’t get them upset that would have never happened in the first place?

That is a clear sign of a manipulator. They are using your actions to get away with something they did wrong. In simpler terms, they guilt you into forgiving them when, in fact, you didn’t do anything wrong.

  1. They convince you that you are wrong.


Manipulators often hold themselves to a higher level. Although they are insecure, they come off as if they are smarter than you.

One of the biggest signs of manipulation in a relationship is their response when you share an opinion, claim they said something earlier, or even question where something went. In their defense, manipulators will always twist the story around, make exaggerated excuses to justify their behavior, and will not give up until you admit that you are in the wrong.

  1. They keep secrets.


If you even hide the smallest things from them, like the fact that you had an innocent lunch with a co-worker, they freak out. But for some reason, they believe it’s okay for them to keep secrets from you.

They take sketchy phone calls, go out at weird times, and even spend more without you knowing it. Someone like this may take a lot time for themselves, but you have no clue what they’re up to.

How many of these five signs do you notice in your relationship? Hopefully none!

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