What Single Women in Fort Worth Should Never Wear on 1st Dates

single women in fort worth

Welcome to the dating game—the wonderful world of meeting people online, through mobile dating apps, and through well-meaning friends and coworkers.  If you’re like many single women in Fort Worth, you’re probably going on a lot of dates.  But if none of them are leading to seconds, then you might be doing something wrong.  And maybe it’s not what you’re saying on the dates but rather what you’re wearing.

Ah, dating.  There’s so much to stress about when it comes to first dates.  Where should you go?  What should you talk about?  What should you not talk about?  Yep, there’s so much to think about for men and women.  But as a woman, you feel even more stress, especially when it comes to choosing the first date attire.  After all, this could make or break it.  To make it a little easier on you, our Fort Worth matchmakers will reveal five things single women in Fort Worth should never wear on a first date.

1. Ultra-High Stilettos

Unless you’re the type of woman who walks around like a New York supermodel in very high heels every single day, it’s probably wise to avoid high stilettos for your first date.  The first reason, you’re probably going to have a drink or two to help you break the ice (maybe even three), and super high heels are a bad idea if you’ve had a few too many drinks.  The second, men are not as tall as they used to be… Just kidding.  But what if you end up being taller than him once you put on those ultra-high stilettos?  Yikes, this could make him feel uncomfortable and even inferior.  Ladies, even if you can walk flawlessly in 6 inch heels, you might want to skip them on your first date.

2. Your Gym Clothes

We get it, you’re a diehard gym fanatic.  In fact, all your friends are probably jealous of your body and how you lift just as much as their boyfriends do.  But showing up to a first date wearing gym clothes will definitely ruin your chances with him.  It doesn’t matter if you’re grabbing a quick coffee or just going for a walk in the park, don’t wear gym clothes to a date.  There will be plenty of time for comfy dates once you’re in a serious relationship, but right now it’s important to make a good first impression on him.

3. Sweats or Yoga Pants

Similar to gym clothes, you also don’t want to wear sweats or yoga pants on a date.  Why?  Because they’re not acceptable.  Sure, we understand that yoga pants accentuate your best features.  Heck, men all over the place break their necks when you walk past.  But sweats and yoga pants are not acceptable for first dates.  Wearing frumpy sweats or yoga pants shows the guy across from you that you put no efforts into your appearance.  If you look like you don’t care, why should he?

4. Anything You Don’t Normally Wear

Did you read on a blog that women are more likely to get a second date if they wear something super tight or neon pink?  Did you decide to order it to try it out yourself?  Guess what?  Maybe they lied.  Maybe it’s not for you.  The important thing on a first date is to always be yourself.  Don’t wear something you normally wouldn’t wear just because someone else said to or because you read it online.  You need to be comfortable and confident on your first date, and you can’t do that if you’re fidgeting around and tugging and pulling at your clothes all night.

5. Showing Too Much

Wearing something too revealing leaves nothing to the imagination, and men love using their imagination.  Another reason you never want to dress provocatively on a first date is because you’re going to give him the wrong idea about you.  He might think you’re one of those women he can use as a booty call—or worse, he’ll be turned off by your promiscuity and never want to see you again.  Tuck away your assets on a first date.

Don’t let your first date attire ruin your chances of getting a second date.  What you wear on the first date gives you the perfect opportunity to tell your date who you are before you start talking.  To win him over, avoid wearing the five things our Fort Worth matchmakers revealed for you above.

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