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No matter where you are in your relationship; even if you are just starting, newlyweds, married for a long time, in a serious relationship, or even just hooking up, it is important to know how to keep the romance alive. After all, romance is like the spice of life, but instead of life, it’s for your relationship.

Even though the scenarios listed above for relationships are widely different, in the end, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are intimate, and building something with another person.

In order, for what you’re building to be fun, exciting, romantic, loving, and exciting, it is still crucial to keep the romance alive.

Even if your relationship is perfect, you still need to put the work into it, or else your relationship will stop thriving and will be hitting some rough patches.

If you stop doing all the gestures of love and romance, then your partner will definitely notice the difference. In fact, once they notice, they will feel worried and insecure regarding the security of the relationship.

They will also feel neglected, not loved, undesirable, sad, and nervous. Read on to learn how to keep the romance alive in order to protect your relationship and to also make it flourish and grow!

Today our Dallas matchmakers will show you how to bring romance back to your relationship.

Dress to impress


As much as everyone loves to put on their baggy and comfiest clothes, resist the urge!

This may seem so small, but this is actually a great start to keeping the romance alive.

Think about it this way, if all you saw was your partner in sweats, you would feel as if they were not putting as much effort into the relationship.

Whereas, if you saw them dress up in something sexier, you would already feel like the evening was something special, like they cared, and wanted to make it more special.

Send Messages


A simple text, voicemail, email, or note will be all you need for this method of keeping the romance alive. For this to work, all you have to do is leave a message saying how much you love them, how you are thinking of them or wishing them good luck.

Of course, you need to gear the message to suit them, but this is generally the common theme.

As a result, they will feel like you care, are thinking of them, and are being supportive and romantic. This will surely put a smile on their face and will instantly brighten their day.

Signs of affection


When you were just starting, I’m sure you couldn’t get enough of kissing, holding, and touching each other. That should not stop no matter how long you have been together. You should still be kissing, hugging, and having fun in the bedroom.

Once signs of affection stop, or slow down, your partner will notice. When they notice this they will feel unattractive, undesirable, neglected, worried, and sad.

The remedy for this is easy, show signs of affection by pulling them in for a kiss, holding them close, and giving them a hug.

Make time for each other


Making time for each other is a crucial rule for when you are figuring out how to keep the romance alive. This is probably the most important one.

After all, once you make time for your partner, the rest should come naturally. That includes the signs of affection, the laughs, conversations, romance, and love.

Making time for your partner in a relationship may be more difficult than it sounds. That is understandable, a lot of people have issues with finding the balance between work, their hobbies, chores, and then quality date time. However, that is no excuse for not including them and making time for them.

You need to make sure that you do make time for your partner and you to do whatever the two of you want to do. You also need to make sure that yu do not shut out your partner.

Instead, you need to include them in various parts of your life even if it isn’t exactly their thing.

Once again, if you don’t do this, your partner will feel cut out of your life, neglected, unwanted, and saddened by the fact that you aren’t wanting to spend time with them.

Even if you do want to spend time with them, they won’t know that because of the fact that you actually aren’t making time for them.

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