Fort Worth Matchmaking Service | 5 Biggest Turn Ons for Men

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Once you find a man that you like and you start to fall for him, you begin to look for turn ons for guys in an effort to spice things up.

We’re sure you don’t’ need a lot of help doing this, but in the event that you need a little inspiration, we’ve put together a list of things that turn men on.

The thing that many women don’t know is that turn ons for guys don’t have to be all physical. Yes, a gentle caress will spark the fire, but sometimes it’s more subtle things that make a guy want you. It’s all about reading the situation and knowing what turns men on.

Today, our Fort Worth matchmaking service is going to show you the biggest turn ons for guys.

How to Turn Him on without Touching Him

Don’t think that you need to throw yourself to him in order to get his attention. Let our matchmakers show you the things that turn men on.

  1. Make the first move.


While the idea of flirting with a guy, making your interest known, or even asking him out on a date can be terrifying, it’s actually a great way to get his attention. While only one in ten women has the courage to make the first move, men love it.

He may be surprised, but happy you did it. Don’t be shy! If you sense that a man you’ve been talking to is interested, ask for his number. Or ask him on a date. The worst thing that he can say is no, so don’t be scared.

  1. Make eye contact.


This is one of those turn ons for guys that work whether you’ve never even spoken to him or you’ve been dating several weeks already.

Eye contact works like magic when it comes to attracting guys and turning them on.

Yes, it can be hard to lock gazes with someone you like. It makes you feel vulnerable. You feel like you can read every emotion you’re feeling.

But that’s the point.

Prolonged eye contact shows your interest. It’s also very attractive. When someone looks into your eyes, they can really see you. They know who you are, and care about you. That’s one of the biggest turn ons for guys. Trust us.

  1. Wear the color red.


Did you know that the color red increases blood pressure? Red is known as the color of passion.

If you wear red, you’ll get extra points on your favor – you’ll make his blood pressure race and make him want you more.

And red lips can do the trick too. Studies have shown that men are drawn to women who wear red lipstick. So if you haven’t considered the color red, there’s all the more reason to do so.

  1. Update your look.


Whether it’s getting a new haircut, dying your hair, a mani/pedi, or a new lingerie set, change is always good. He’ll appreciate the effort you’ve put into your appearance, especially if he knows you did it for him.

  1. Let your hair down.


If you tend you wear your hair up most of the time, switch things up a little the next time you see him. Bonus points if you let it down in front of him and give it a little toss from side to side.

You see, turning a guy on isn’t that hard. Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start taking control of your romantic life and show him what you’re made of.

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