Dallas Matchmakers Reveal the Reasons why a woman loses interest

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There you are, cruising along the relationship highway with the attractive woman you’ve snagged, when all of the sudden, you grind back to second gear. She doesn’t seem as engaged with conversations, doesn’t find your jokes to be funny, is not as friendly as she used to be, and is slower to return your messages.

Some of the reasons women lose interest are pretty straight forward and if you catch it quick enough to turn things around – she’ll be engaged and interested in you once again.

Today our Dallas matchmakers are going to show you the reasons why women lose interest.

  1. There is no more fun


Let’s face it, life does set I n at some point past the honeymoon stage. However, there should always be a sense of fun in the relationship – especially with a new partner. Excitement and laughter are key elements to a healthy relationship. Keep things light and fun, make time for laughter, always continue to date her and create fun and memorable memories together.

  1. Things become routine in the relationship


Habitual routine can be the killer of your relationship and certainly the killer of romance .Sure, get up, take a shower, make breakfast, make the bed, drive the same route to work – whatever you need to do to keep things running every day. When it comes to your relationship, though, some routines is great and necessary but you have to keep things fun and interesting if you want your relationship to last.

This should be a team effort with both of you throwing some sparkle into the relationship and organizing fun and outgoing dates and surprises or entertainment for each other.

Always leave room for the unimaginable. A little bit of out of the ordinary goes a long way to spark her interest. She’ll be boasting to her friends about you.

  1. Going through the motions


If you are just going through the motions and working down your long to-do-list – make the daily phone call to see how she’s doing, send the standard touch-base-text, check – then give this one up, chump! Women know they are just being ticked off a to-do-list! Add some excitement to your daily text message, make her feel unique and special and she’ll stick around forever.

  1. You keep her guessing where you stand


Women simply don’t to play the guessing game in a relationship. If you are under the misconception this is the way to a woman’s heart and the way to keep her interested in you, think again. Any self-respecting woman will leave in no time. She will never put up with a guy who makes her second guess her value.

  1. You are over the top


There is a fine line between being interested and showing too much interest. If you are texting her several times a day without a response – stop and put the phone down. Being over the top can easily turn a woman off. It is great that you are communicating but work out what is going to work for her, every woman is different. So remember that. If she is into six texts a day, great, continue as you were. But common sense would indicate that if she is not responding to your texts that you are being over the top.

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