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Most long distance relationships fail because of the overall negative perceptions each partner has in the relationship. Don’t fall into this, because there is no rule of thumb that indicates that relationship could end anytime soon. You have to keep a positive attitude that you can make it work. If you find this hard to believe, you are probably looking for evidence. You are probably looking for tips online on how to make a long distance relationship work. That means that you really care about your relationship and want to do whatever it takes to make it work. Luckily, our matchmakers have a few tips to make it work.

We totally understand your fears, it’s okay to feel scared about your relationship. Most people are afraid that the love is going to fade away if they don’t see each other every day. Fight this fear, please.

Today, our DFW Singles matchmakers are going to show you how to make a long distance relationship work.

  1. Define the relationship.


It might be the most awkward conversation you will have with your partner, but you need to have it. Try to figure out if you want to be in an exclusive relationship or if you will see other people. You need to know if you are dating or if you are just talking. Set your limits up front and be open and honest with each other.

  1. Keep in touch.


Thanks to the advantages of technology, we now have a lot of ways to communicate. It’s not only emails or phone calls. You can also utilize web cameras on Skype or Google Hangouts for a better communication experience. Since you don’t see each other every day, it’s very important to stay connected as often as you can. You don’t need to have deep conversations every day, but you should stay connected to keep the relationship alive.

Communication in a long-term relationship can be tricky, as it’s easier to create misunderstandings while talking to each other. Don’t create scenarios in your mind and worry yourself sick. If your boyfriend sounded somehow different on the phone, don’t assume he has another girlfriend. Just ask him what’s going on openly to avoid confusion.

  1. Plan the next meeting.


There is nothing more important than seeing each other as often as possible. Try to book the flight and arrange the details in order to see each other as often as you can. Schedule a date, arrange some time off work, buy the tickets, and make the reservations. Use your project management skills to make it happen sooner rather than later. The waiting can give you hope of something to look forward to every day. It will give you courage and excitement and will help you keep your relationship alive.

  1. Do things together.


Does it sound strange? You can still have common activities even when you are not together. Watch the same movie or read the same book. Discuss it and exchange your views. Look up in the sky and count the stars. You will see the same sky and the same stars. Cook the same food, go to sleep at the same time, or watch the same movie at the same time and talk about it later.

  1. Do positive things in your relationship on your own.


You need to focus on the positive aspects of the relationship. For example, you have plenty of personal time that you can utilize in the most creative way. Invest that time to do something for yourself. Learn a new foreign language or go to the gym. Improve your body so your partner goes “wow” next time you go to see him. Take up a new hobby and go out with your friends. Enjoy it because this freedom might not last forever.

These are just a few tips you can use to improve your long-term relationship, so we hope you start putting them to good use to keep your love going strong.

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