Hurst Matchmakers | 4 Signs He Sees You as His Future Wife

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There’s nothing more complicated on the face of the planet than attempting to understand love. What we do know is that the feeling can be overwhelming and turn our entire world upside down. The feeling can make you feel very vulnerable and strong at the same time, which is, more often than not, very scary.

Whenever we enter a new relationship, we tend to overthink everything. It’s actually the same thing we do when we’re in a long-term relationship. We start to want to know where the relationship is headed: is he going to propose? Does he want to eventually get married? All those questions will pop in your head.

So how do you know he sees you as his future wife? How do you know he sees a future with you?

Let our Hurst matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles show you the telltale signs he sees you as his future wife.

  1. He talks about moving in together.


Yes, this can be a little scary at first, especially if you’ve never lived with a boyfriend before. Basically, living with your partner is a trial run of what your future life is going to bring. When you move in together, it’s basically a test of your future as a couple.

Talking about moving in together is a huge step for men. It shows that they are ready to have a committed relationship. It means he’s comfortable giving up his personal space to be with you, space that he considered sacred at one point in his life.

  1. He cracks jokes about weddings and rings.


There are many women who dream about the perfect wedding: the dress, the bridal party, the flowers, that type of thing. And then there are those who dream about the perfect ring. If you’re in a serious relationship with dreams of getting married, of course, you’re thinking about the ideal ring. Usually, in situations like being in a long-term relationship, we’ll tell our closest friends about our dream ring in hopes that our boyfriend is smart enough to look at them to help him choose that ideal ring.

If your partner has marriage in mind, he’ll crack jokes about wedding and rings. This is basically projecting his own thoughts about the subject. If he’s joking about it, he’s thinking about it.

  1. He talks about future plans… like five years later.


This is huge, ladies. When you started dating, he wasn’t talking at all about the future – except what you would be doing over the weekend. But now, he’s talking about the future at a non-stop rate. Not one year from now, not two, but five years from now.

If your guy starts talking about the future together, he may secretly be looking for affirmation from you to see if you also see a future together.

  1. He mentions that you’ll make a great mother.


His eyes often light up whenever he talks about his little nieces and nephews and whenever he sees you around children. He always gushes out loud about how you will eventually make a wonderful mother. This usually catches you off guard because, partly, it has never been talked about it before.

When he starts talking about your hypothetical future of being a mother, he is picturing a long-term life with you. Children are the biggest commitment anyone can ever make, and if your partner starts making remarks about you being a great mother one day, it means he can see you as the mother of his children.

So, what do you say? Does he see you as his future wife? Do you recognize any of these behaviors in your guy? We sure hope so!

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