Dallas Matchmakers | Things You Can Do to Get Him to Commit

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So you finally found a great guy. Maybe he’s tall, dark, and little bit mysterious. He carries himself with confidence and has a great sense of humor. Except – his hair could use a new style, but at least he’s handsome. He’s got everything you imagined. Though whether you’re an item already – or hoping to become one – something feels off. It’s odd considering he seems to be perfectly made for you.

Like a missing piece fitting into place, everything should feel great. As you fear, it has everything to do with your relationship. To be more specific, it has everything to do with his unwillingness to commit to you.

Women in these cases beat themselves up all the time. They just feel like throwing in the towel. That’s when she starts to look inward and wonder if there’s something wrong with her. The good news is that she’s not the first to go through this. In fact, it’s a common challenge for women everywhere. Men are just geared a certain way, but it’s up to her to make some adjustments if she wants to play the long game. If you want to get him to commit, then you have to apply our helpful tips.

Today, our Dallas matchmakers are going to show you the top things you can do to get him to commit.

  1. Bring positivity to the relationship.


No one wants to date a Debbie downer. When you’re around someone who thinks positively, it’s contagious. Plus, it keeps the focus on all things moving forward. In the end, that’s exactly what you want to think about the guy you’re with. It’s not very healthy for either one of you to talk about gloomy things all the time. It’s quite detrimental for both of your lives.

If the guy in your life makes you feel good, why not show it? If you feel safe around him, don’t hesitate to share it with him. When it comes to all things positive, be an open book with him.

Yes, we know that we don’t always feel like sharing how we feel. But you should. Try it the next time you’re together and show him that he’s very important to you.

  1. Don’t put your life on hold.


He might be the best thing going on in your life. It’s normal to want to be with him 24/7. That’s a really good sign because it shows that you like him. Hopefully, he reciprocates this, but you shouldn’t let him dominate all your time.

As great as your partner is, there are other priorities in your life. Don’t put your life on hold.

It’s important to have independent interests outside of your relationship. More than likely, you both have your own hobbies and interests – things you’re not both into together. While it might seem counterintuitive to spend time away from him, it will actually help the relationship grow stronger. When you keep your independence and social life separate from your partner, it will actually make you more appealing in his eyes.

Imagine having a close friend or relative always with you and never allowing you to have your freedom. That’s how he would feel if you were always around him. With distance from each other, you can pursue your own hobbies and interests, while at the same, allowing him to miss you. Plus, when you both reunite, the time will be more special.

  1. True love is worth the wait.


Delayed gratification. Our parents tried to teach us this when we were growing up. The problem is that whenever we wanted something, we just couldn’t wait. We did whatever it took to get it right then and there. Whether it was buckling down to do our homework or eating our vegetables, the rewards eventually do come. The same principle applies to a new relationship.

Getting him to fall for you was easy. The bad news is that getting him to commit will not be so simple. However, it’s easier not to look at it that way. Instead, it’s better to just accept that it’s going to take time to get him to commit. Part of the reason for taking your time is that no guy is ever on the same page as a woman. Each guy is different based on his own unique dating background and previous experiences. Maybe there’s a reasons he’s holding back or afraid to move forward. As a result, it’s going to take some time. While you may be ready for a long-term relationship, the reality is that he’s not.

Part of dating is accepting that it’s going to take time to get him where you want to be. Stick with it, be positive, and maintain your independence to keep him interested in being with you. You see, that’s how you get a guy to commit.

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