Dallas Matchmakers | 4 Signs He Wants More Than Friendship

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What are the signs a man wants to be more than friends?

This is a common thought when you first start dating someone and really want to start developing feelings for them. No one wants to be blindsided, but this happens all the time. You meet a guy, let yourself get overcome by fluttery feelings, and you ride a wave of high hopes for what the future could bring… Only to discover he doesn’t have the same feelings for you and that he just wants to keep you as a friend.

Discovering that the guy you like doesn’t like you back is crushing. Conversely, discovering a guy you like really likes you back is wonderful.

Today, our Dallas matchmakers are going to show the top signs he wants to be more than friends so you can finally put your unease and concerns to rest and start enjoying this romantic relationship.

  1. He wants to introduce you to his family.


One of the main signs he is serious about you is wanting to introduce you to his family. If he’s serious about you, it only makes sense to take you to his the people he loves the most. By making the introduction, he’s not only hoping to reveal a more intimate and lesser-known side of himself, but he’s also stating to his parents, as well as to you, that your relationship has gone to the next level.

  1. He talks about the future together.


One of the top signs that your man is getting serious about you and wants to be in a relationship is that he’s initiated conversations about the future together. For instance, whether he’s subtly or not so subtly talked about going on a trip together, celebrating a far-off birthday or even imagined what life would be when the two of you get married, these are telltale signs he wants to be serious with you.

  1. He is very honest with you.


One of the top signs that a man is serious about your relationship is his willingness to open up himself to you. When he shares his true feelings and desires with you, is honest about his past, and takes the opportunity to confide in you about personal matters, he’s actually showing that he wants to be more than friends. He wants to be in a relationship with you.

After all, honesty is one of the cornerstones of a meaningful relationship. If he’s making the effort to put himself out there and is willing to be totally vulnerable with you, he’s hoping to create a deep connection with you.

  1. He goes is to make you happy.


One of the telltale signs that your guy is serious about starting a relationship with you is his desire to see you happy all the time. For instance, when he takes the time to surprise you, does chores for you, and wants to help you any way he can, he’s actually showing just how serious he is about the connection.

When he takes your happiness seriously, he’s really showing you both with his words and his actions that he’s got your well-being, and the well-being of your relationship, at the front of his mind. When your boyfriend goes out of his way to do nice gestures for you, it’s important to recognize that these acts are anything but random. In fact, when a man is really serious about his relationship, making his woman happy is actually what makes him happy in return.

So what do you say? Is this guy serious about a relationship with or just wasting your time?

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