Garland Matchmakers | 5 Signs You Need a Relationship Break

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If you feel bad about taking time away from your partner, don’t be. As they say, context is everything. For instance, if a couple has relatively no major issues but wants to take time apart to see other people, then, yes, it could be a cause for concern. If all is running well, why take time apart from each other?

On the other hand, if a couple has been stuck in string of bad luck, fights, and overall unhappiness, taking a break could be what they need to fix their relationship. Relationship breaks can be good in some instances. You can either gain the courage to walk away from your partner or come together refreshed and ready to work on things together.

To further explain this, our Garland matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles are going to show you telltale signs you need time apart from your partner.

  1. You Argue All the Time


You argue frequently. Everyone has been there. One day you wake up and realize how unhappy you are because you argue all the time. You often cry or yell, or both, but nothing ever changes. Taking time apart actually helps you both take a step back and analyze the relationship and come up with a plan of action to fix the problem.

  1. You’re Unsure of Your Feelings for Each Other


It’s going to happen. One or both of you wake up one day and don’t know what you feel for each other. Days go by in a haze of slow-motion. Seeing your partner doesn’t make you happy anymore. You feel confused and frustrated by this. This is very common. After a lot of issues with a partner, stress, work-related issues, etc., love might not seem as easy as it used to be.

  1. There’s Someone Else


This could mean cheating, or it might be a simple attraction towards a new person. If someone tries hard to get you to be with them, and you’re considering it—or you’re falling for someone new—even though nothing has happen yet, there’s someone new.

Rather than denying it, giving in, or being confused about this, taking time apart can help you clear your mind and head. This doesn’t mean sleeping with the other person, but rather being by yourself to think about why you’re falling for someone new.

  1. You Have Trust Issues


Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you trust each other. Maybe there’s been previous cheating in the relationship, maybe there’s baggage. Maybe there’s been issues where trust of some kind has been betrayed. Now you can’t seem to trust your partner for anything.

Time apart can be beneficial here, since time apart forces you to not keep tabs on your partner. Use this time to reflect on whether or not you could learn to trust them again. If not, it’s time to take a permanent break from this relationship.

  1. You Spend Too Much Time Together


You wake up, your partner is there. You go to the movie, grocery store, mall, pharmacy, gas station and out to eat with your partner. You run all your errands together, sleep together, watch TV together, maybe even work together.

If you can’t remember the last time you spent a day away from each other, then maybe a small relationship break can help here. You could have the best relationship in the world, but spending too much time together eventually takes a toll on the relationship.  Don’t make one of you resent the other for not having enough time alone.

We hope you’re not in need of a relationship break, but if you are, then go for it. You will either come back stronger than ever and ready to make it work, or you’ll both realize you need to call it quits so you can each find the love and happiness you desire and deserve.

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