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Every woman wants to know if her boyfriend is really in love with her.  Knowing the answer is critical to making any future decisions regarding the relationship.  It turns out, it’s actually pretty simple to figure out when you know what to look for.

Let our Dallas matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service show you the subtle things men do when they are really in love.

  1. He’ll Make You His #1 Priority


If you keep getting bumped aside for his plans with friends or other not so important obligations, then sorry, but he’s not really that in love with you.  If, however, he makes you his number one priority in life, it’s because he’s really in love with you.

A man who makes you a priority in his life, no matter how busy his schedule is, sees you for the wonderful person that you are, and is maybe just a little worried that someone else might lock you down before he can.  So he lets you know through word and deed that you’re his number one.  He’s even willing to go out of his way to make you happy any way he can.

  1. He Takes Care of You


When you really want someone and care about them, you’re there for them all the time.  A man who wants you will have no problem taking care of you, in part because it’s his natural instinct to protect the people he loves.

If you’re sick with the flu, this guy will have no problem bringing you soup, tea, trashy magazines, and whatever medicine you need.  If you’re going away on a trip, he’ll make sure you’re at the airport with enough time to spare.  Guys don’t get a lot of credit for being nurturers, but if he’s really in love with you, he won’t be afraid to show his soften side and prove to you that he can take care of you when you need it.

  1. He’ll Overlook Your Flaws


This guy is clearly head over heels for you, so why would he want to change anything about you? If you’re with someone who’s always harping on you or making you feel bad, that person doesn’t love you.  If, however, you’re with a guy who overlooks your flaws and loves you no matter what, then you have a keeper.

A man who truly loves you unconditionally will love you no matter what – even if you leave your wet towels on the bathroom floor or can never decide on what to make for dinner.

  1. He’ll Never Leave You in The Dark


A guy who really loves you will never leave you in the dark, wondering what your relationship status is or whether you’ve done something that bothers him.

Passive aggression is something immature men deal with, and this guy is not dishing out any of that.  If you did something that hurt or annoyed him, he’ll tell you, and he won’t bring it up later to hurt you.  You won’t get the silent treatment as a power play from him because he doesn’t want to risk losing you.  Open and honest communication is a key feature in a healthy relationship, and a guy who truly loves you will know that.  He doesn’t play games because it just takes time away from enjoying your relationship!

  1. He’ll Support Your Dreams in Life


When a man is your number one cheerleader, never let him go. This man is in your corner and cheering you on.  You’re a strong & independent woman who has many goals and dreams in life, and you need a man who respects your dreams and supports them.

In life, you want a partner who can be your coach and your cheerleader, because even we can’t be behind ourselves 100% of the time.  A guy who wants you always wants you to accomplish your goals and dreams is a real keeper.  He’ll lend a hand or an encouraging word when you need it the most.

If you found a guy who exhibits these behaviors with you, never let him go. After all, it’s not easy to find a great catch in today’s dating scene.

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