DFW Matchmakers | 10 Signs You Shouldn’t Have Dumped Him

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Some breakups are an absolute must, especially if your boyfriend cheated on you. If the relationship wasn’t healthy, then you had every reason to break up with him. However, not all breakups are good decisions. There are a lot of women out there who make the huge mistake of leaving their boyfriends because they think the grass is greener on the other side.

Are you wondering if you made the right decision when you left your ex-boyfriend? Let our DFW matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service show you the signs you shouldn’t have dumped him.

  1. Your friends were amazed by how well he treated you.


Finding a guy who treats you like a queen in today’s modern dating world is like finding a unicorn. Truth be told, it’s even rare to find a guy who gets your friends’ approval. If you break up with him and your friends are asking what in the world is wrong with you, then you might be on the wrong track here.

  1. Your family loved him.


Assuming that your family is a good judge of character, this is a huge indicator that you made a mistake. Finding a guy who is spouse material is very difficult to do in today’s dating scene. And having your family give you the seal of approval means you made a major mistake.

  1. Things feel hollow now.


You wanted to get away from him, but now things just seem empty without him in your life. And you don’t just miss having someone (anyone) around, you truly miss him.

  1. Your life just got downgraded in every way.


Assuming you didn’t get a divorce, seeing major downgrades in your life is typically a sign that you messed up here. If your life has gone downhill, you’re living in a far worse place, and you’re dealing with more stress, that’s a bad sign.

  1. Your cash flow has decreased.


If you notice that your cash flow has seemingly gone out the window, this is another sign you made a big mistake. This is another way the universe is telling you that what you did is no bueno. The universe loves throwing curveballs at people who make mistakes.

  1. You think he was the one but also felt like you were in a rut.


Truth is, every relationship goes through a rough patch here and there. However, breaking up with someone or divorcing someone for the sake of boredom or feeing like you want to be single is a huge no-no. Everyone experiences those feelings in a relationship, but breaking up for these reasons is wrong.

  1. You never loved anyone more immensely than him.


Having passion for someone is very rare. That’s a definitely sign you broke up with Mr. Right.

  1. To this day, no one has come close to his caliber.


If you had the best guy but gave it away, it will become very obvious because no one in the world will come close to him. If none of the men you’re meeting can even compare to him, you made a big mistake.

  1. Your life hasn’t gotten better without him.


You thought that once you broke up with him your life was going to improve. But now that you’re looking at your life, you’re realizing that nothing has gotten better. In fact, things have gone downhill.

  1. He never took you for granted.


This is very rare, ladies. If you find a guy who appreciates you and loves you for all your flaws, you need to keep him. They only come by once in a lifetime, so don’t let yours get away.

If you think that you shouldn’t have broken up with your boyfriend, you need to reach out to him. You only have one life to live, so you might as well live it with the person who brings you love and happiness.

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