Fort Worth Matchmaking Service Reveals How to Date Yourself

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Breakups are tough on everyone, but they give you the perfect opportunity to date the most fabulous person in the world… yourself!

Now that you’re over your heartbreak and are ready to start dating and find love, take some time to date yourself first. Table for one, please.

Today, our Fort Worth matchmaking service will show you the top reasons to date yourself before dating someone else again.

  1. You need to enjoy your hobbies and interests.


Having a partner means having less time to do the things you love in life. But you don’t have a partner, not anymore. Try that dance class you always wanted to try, join a gym, or check out a sushi rolling class. Do whatever you want in your spare time. Check out your local colleges, gyms, and community centers for fun classes. You don’t have to run it by anyone other than yourself.

  1. You get to enjoy delicious restaurants you always wanted to go.


The best thing about dating yourself is that you can get a table for one at any restaurant you want to go. Thai food for lunch, brunch at your favorite bagel shop, pizza for dinner? Go for it, there’s no one stopping you. Don’t be afraid to fly solo at your favorite coffee shop or local dinner joint. Bring a hook to keep yourself busy, order food, sit down, and enjoy a delicious meal for one. Plus, you never have to worry about anyone reaching over to steal your French fries.

  1. You get to be in the best shape of your life.


It’s no secret that everyone gets lazy when they get in a relationship. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but now that you’re single, you have the best excuse to get in the best shape of your life. You have your gym pass, access to thousands of videos online, your running shoes, and your super cute workout gear, so why not put it all to use?

  1. Find your Zen.


Take time to slow down and heal yourself mentally. Relax, meditate, or even join a yoga class. Let all the negative feelings in your head fade away. When dating yourself, you have time to move on from bad memories of the past and focus on everything positive the future will bring to you.

  1. Reconnect with good old friends.


Everyone is guilty of pushing their friends aside when they enter a new relationship. Everyone promises that they’ll never do it, but it happens. And while it’s not the end of the world, now you must do some damage control. Invite your girlfriends over for a pizza and wine night at home. Don’t make the night about venting about your ex or even talking about new men. Make it about catching up with each other and having fun. Find out what’s new in their lives. You’ll realize how much you missed your best friends, and you’ll feel bad for neglecting them while you were in a relationship.

  1. You get to vacation anywhere you want to go.


Be bold and vacation anywhere you want to go. Now that you’re single, you can take a vacation to that awesome destination you’ve always been dying to go. Get yourself out of your boring town and breathe some new air in an exciting destination. You’ll feel rejuvenated after vacationing alone, where you get to eat and see everything you desire. Remember that the only one you have to answer to is yourself.

  1. Write it all down.


Dating yourself is a great way to get insight on what you want in your next relationship. Delve into your past to figure out where relationships went wrong. Did you ignore red flags? Did you skip on guys because you didn’t feel fireworks on the first date? Create some guidelines and rules from the future and learn what you want and don’t want in a relationship.

  1. Acknowledge your awesomeness.


Look at yourself in the mirror, study your face, and learn your body. Smile and tell yourself how awesome you are every day. Aren’t you lucky to be yourself? We know you are, so embrace and love yourself.

Being single isn’t a death sentence. You have the perfect opportunity to date and rediscover yourself. Taking time out of dating for self-discovery will allow to grow as a person and become the best version you can be. It will make you a very amazing partner to someone someday.

If you’re single and ready to find that special someone, contact our Fort Worth matchmaking service and let us help you find them. We’ll give you the guidance and support and one-on-one dating coaching to find and secure the loving relationship you desire and deserve. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!