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If you’re sick of hearing, “Why are still single?” you might be wondering why all your friends are taken while you’re lonely as can be.  You have a great job, a wonderful circle of friends, and a loving family.  But you still can’t seem to find that special someone.  But why?

As professional matchmakers and dating coaches, we work with singles in Dallas every day who want us to help them figure out where they’re going wrong in dating.  With nearly 30 years in the dating industry, we notice a few consistencies with local singles.  If you’re guilty of any of the following behaviors, rest assured that’s why you’re still single today.

1. You don’t have good dating etiquette.

We’re busier than ever before.  Things like not confirming with enough time, keeping your date waiting, and cancelling last-minute are huge turn offs.  If you’re used to letting your dates wait 30 minutes for you to arrive, then it’s no wonder you’re single today.  Your first date is a time to shine and make a great impression on them.  You only get one chance to do it so make sure you get it right by showing up on time and remembering your best manners.

2. You play hard to get.

Dating is very difficult today.  Most people look for signals and clues to see if the other person is interested.  If your date is looking for a serious relationship, they’ll lose interest in you if you play hard to get.  And if they’re insecure (and who isn’t nowadays?), your behaviors will reinforce the fact that you don’t like them.  Bottom line: stop playing hard to get.

3. You don’t make yourself available.

The way you act in your everyday life can play a huge role in your single status.  Common behaviors that make you appear unavailable, such as going out in groups, being on your phone and not looking up, and burying your head in a book, will make you unapproachable.  When you’re out and about, dress so that you feel confident in case you have an opportunity to talk to someone.  When you’re out walking around, don’t be glued to your phone.  Make eye contact and smile at people.  People are very afraid of rejection, so you need to look approachable.

4. You’re too dismissive.

Your date is too short.  You think they have an odd laugh.  Or perhaps you find out they still live with their parents.  Maybe you’re not sure you find them attractive but enjoy hanging out with them.  As matchmakers, we’re here to let you in on a little secret.  Attraction can grow over time.  And first dates can make anyone nervous.  Not everyone is on their best game on a first date.  It takes time to get to know someone, so try not to make judgements too quickly without getting to know them better.  Give your date a chance, and if you’re unsure about them, say yes to a second date.

5. You believe you’ll find love when you’re not looking.

For most singles in Dallas, this one will never happen.  It’s a passive approach that could keep you single forever.  Just like your ideal job didn’t come knocking at your door, neither will love.  Just like anything else in life—like developing friendships and getting ahead in your career—you have to work hard at it.  In order to find love, you’re going to have to be proactive and view every day as a brand new opportunity to find it.

If these five things are keeping you single, it’s time to change so you can finally find the love you desire and deserve.

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