Arlington Dating Service | 3 Reasons You Were Friend-Zoned

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Getting friend-zoned stinks.  You tried your hardest to get to know him, be his best friend, and let him see that you would make for a great girlfriend.  But when it was time to take the next step, nothing happened.  He loves your friendship and everything he gets from you.  But he’s loving having all those benefits of a girlfriend without calling you a girlfriend.  He might even have some good feelings for you, but none of them make him want to date you.

While being friend-zoned is something that usually happens to guys, women are now getting friend-zoned too.  As the #1 Arlington dating service, we have the answers you’re looking for.  Today, our Arlington matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles will show you three reasons you were friend-zoned.

1. He sees you as a sister.

You’re probably wondering how this even happened.  Ugh, how can your crush see you as a sister?  He is always nice to you, hangs out with you, and the two of you always have a great time together.  But that’s all it is.  The most he has ever done was give you a kiss on the cheek.  You obviously want to take things to the next level, so you tell him how you feel about him.  He listens to every word you say, but when you’re through, he tells you quite honestly that he can’t have a relationship with you because he only sees you as a sister.

He seems sincere with his feelings, and you know you should like what he’s saying, but deep down inside it still hurts.  You don’t want to be seen as his sister.  No way, you want to be his girlfriend.  If this has happened to you, don’t view it as the end of the world.  If he’s friend-zoned you because he sees you as a sister, so take it as a compliment.  Keep the friendship tight and look elsewhere for love.

2. You’re not exciting to him.

Ouch, this one hurts.  But we told you we were going to be honest, so here we are.  Are you boring?  Do you have a hard time making conversation?  Is your idea of having a good time watching TV at home?  Being a boring woman will land you in the friend zone very fast.  It’s not that you have to be dangerous to be exciting, but you do need to have interests other than watching TV at home.

If men find you boring, then maybe it’s time you reevaluate yourself.  What’s holding you back from having fun?  Do you have any fears you need to get over?  What is preventing you from being exciting?  This doesn’t mean you have to go bungee jumping or do some other adrenaline pumping activity.  On the contrary, you just need to come out of your shell a little bit and let men see you for who you are or you’re always going to be overlooked and placed in the friend zone.

3. He doesn’t like your bad habits.

Do you pick your teeth with your bobby pin after every meal?  Do you drink like a frat boy?  Do you smoke cigarettes like there’s no tomorrow?  Do you like to pluck your eyebrows in the car because of the natural light?  Are you constantly fidgeting?

We all have bad habits, and no one in the world is perfect.  While each habit makes us who we are, we know that people can’t stand certain habits.  Maybe he doesn’t like to see you fidgeting.  Or maybe your constant smoking turns him off.

What is the bad habit that is making you get friend-zoned every time?  While bad habits might be hard to break, you need to break them if you ever want to land a relationship.  If you find that your bad habits are keeping you single, then it’s time to partake in some self-betterment.

Men friend zone women for a variety of reasons, so if you’ve been sidelined recently, these are the reasons why.  If you want to get out of the friend zone, then we recommend you evaluate why and change your ways.

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