Arlington Matchmakers | 5 Reasons He Picked Her Over You

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Sometimes it comes down to timing, while other times it comes down to you.  As painful as it might be to hear, he might just not have been feeling you and didn’t think you were a good fit for him.  Either way, you can drive yourself crazy wondering why he chose another woman.  Really, that’s what a lot of women do (and it’s no wonder why).

You thought he was the one and envisioned a future with him, but he certainly didn’t see the same future with you.  This article is to help you figure out why he chose another woman over you.  If you’re having problems holding on to guys, then maybe you’re doing something wrong in your dating life.

Keep reading as our Arlington matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles show you the top five reasons he could’ve chosen her over you.

1. You Were Not Relationship Material

You might think you are the best thing to hit the dating scene, but perhaps you gave off certain vibes that led him to believe you were not relationship material.  Perhaps you spent your weekends at the club and he was looking for something more low key.  Or maybe he was turned off by your excessive flirting.  Whatever the reason, it’s clear that something turned him off and made him believe you were not relationship material.

2. She Doesn’t Nag

Many women can’t help but to nag all the time. They will complain about the little things, from a towel on the floor to an unreturned phone call.  You have every right to voice your opinion, especially when he’s doing something that’s upsetting you.  But there’s a difference between voicing your mind and constantly nagging.

The woman he chose over you didn’t bite her tongue when she was angry.  Instead, she had a conversation with him like an adult.  She would find the appropriate time to sit down and talk to him, not nag him all day like his mom.  If you find that you’re always complaining and nitpicking the men you’re dating, that’s how you’re pushing them away.

3. You Didn’t Fit into His Life Plans

Sometimes being in a relationship has a lot to do with timing and the direction your lives are going.  If the two of you don’t fit in with each other’s life plans, then that’s the reason he chose this other woman.  Maybe he had a desire to relocate to a different part of the country, but you could never see yourself leaving your hometown.  Perhaps you were ready to settle down and have a family while he was busy working his way up the career ladder without a thought of starting a family.  Timing is everything when it comes to dating, and it can be the deciding factor when a man chooses a woman.

4. He’s More into Her

You know you’re beautiful, and we know that too.  Your ex and your friends tell you all the time.  But when it comes to choosing a partner, it’s a lot more than physical attractiveness.  Even if your friends tell you that you look ten times better than the woman he chose, he obviously sees something in her that he doesn’t see in you.  Don’t beat yourself up for this.  The right man will be head over heels attracted to you.  And it might not have had anything to do with physical attractiveness but rather her personality.  Perhaps you are uptight and unwilling to step out of your comfort zone while she is easygoing and spontaneous.

5. She Has a Life

One of the main things that scare men away when it comes to relationships is the thought of losing their free time.  For some reason, men see relationships as being tied up, bound at the ankles, and not being able to do anything.  Even if you insist that you won’t stop him from hanging out with his buddies or living his own life, if your actions don’t align with your words, then he’s going to choose another woman.

If you always yelled at him every time he wanted to hang out with the guys, that’s the reason he left you for another woman.  The new woman in his life has a life of her own and lets him live his own.  If you want to hold on to men, then we suggest you start living your life to the fullest.

What does it matter if he chose her over you?  He clearly wasn’t the right guy for you.  Instead of dwelling over this loss, look for a man who is compatible with you.  If you notice that you were doing certain things to push him away, now is the time to make changes so you don’t miss out on another guy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding someone whose lifestyle and future goals align with yours.  If you’re ready to meet compatible single men in Dallas, contact our Arlington matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles and let us do the compatibility testing and matching for you.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!