Fort Worth Dating Service | 5 Reasons to Avoid Office Romance

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You spend most of your days at work.  You rarely get out for lunch let alone dinner.  You want to meet someone special but have no idea where to look.  Suddenly Cupid strikes… Unfortunately, it’s the person in the next cubicle.  Sure, meetings will be fun, it will spice up your workday, and you already have a lot in common with them, but how often does an office romance work out in the long run?  And if it ends, what happens?

Before you throw your next promotion out the window, let our Fort Worth dating experts show you five reasons why dating a coworker might not be such a good idea for your career and personal life.

1. The Work/Life Balance Gets Messy

People struggle to keep a healthy work/life balance as it is, but dating a coworker makes that an impossible task.  You will become each other’s sounding board inside and out of the office.  Plus, refraining from handling work issues at home becomes harder when your partner is your coworker.  It is very difficult to maintain a work/life balance when you date a coworker.

2. Jealousy Floods the Air

If you just happen to be dating your boss or a manager, it will definitely create some workplace jealousy.  Your coworkers might feel like you’re getting a promotion or even special treatment because you’re dating the boss or a higher up.  Anything you do will always be second guessed because of it.  Do you really want that in your career life?  We didn’t think so.

3. Lunches Will Get a Little Awkward

Do you have to eat lunch together every day since you’re already dating? Will they get offended if you go out with your other coworkers?  Will they pout when you forget to pick them something up on the way back from the Chinese restaurant?  What if you want to clear your head and have lunch by yourself at the picnic date outback and they insist on joining you?  You used to look forward to your lunch hour because it allowed you to decompress and destress, but now you hate lunchtime because it only adds to your stress.

4. You Can’t Escape an Argument

In a normal relationship, you can always head off to work after an argument with your partner, but that can’t happen when you date a coworker since you work at the same place.  You still have to see each other after the damage that has been done.  And your colleagues will definitely notice that you and your partner aren’t getting along.  All of this can and will create unnecessary workplace drama.

5. You Can Get the Boot

Before starting a workplace relationship, it’s always best to check your employee manual to see if workplace relationships are allowed.  If your place of employment has strict rules for office romances, you could end up losing your job.  This is when you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.  But what if you still feel your coworker is the one for you, what do you do?  You could always transfer to another department or facility.

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