Dallas Dating Service Reveals 5 Tips for Dating a Single Father

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The fairy-tale dream for every woman is to find a perfect single guy who has never been married and has no children.  The world is full of great guys who have been married, have children, or both.  Even though the divorce rates in the US have improved, there are still plenty of guys out there with exes and children, men who are eager to find love.

If the new guy in your life has children, there’s no need to panic.  Going into the relationship with some tips and pointers will increase your chances of success with him.  Today, our Dallas dating service will show you five very important tips for dating a single father.  Although you will face more challenges than dating a guy without children, dating a single father can be very rewarding.

1. Spend Your Time Wisely

A single father’s time is precious.  If you’re going to spend time with him, you want to use it wisely.  When you’re first getting to know each other, if possible, arrange to meet for lunch dates when his kids are in school or during the weekends when they’re visiting their mom or grandparents. The most important thing to remember is that the free time of a single father is limited and he might not always have time to see you.  If you’re understanding and accepting of this from the get-go, it will make dating him much easier.  Don’t forget to use texts, phone calls, and Skype to keep in touch when you’re not able to see each other.

2. Know Your Place

You might be the queen to his life, but if one of his children needs his attention, then you must realize that he’s going to drop everything.  Put your crown aside and be supportive when that happens.  Offer to help him out but don’t be hurt if he tells you that he doesn’t need your help, especially if your relationship is new and his children don’t know you.  If his ex will be there too, don’t get angry.  You need to be compassionate and understanding with matters involving his children.

3. Be Flexible Like a Rubber Band

You need to know that kids will break bones, run away, get in trouble at school, and have emergencies at any given time.  That three-course meal you slaved over all day long might become leftovers for you.  If necessary, excuse yourself to the bathroom and do some deep breathing to remain calm when your plans fall through.  Never take your anger out on him for one of his children’s emergencies.

4. Be Realistic

It’s not easy coming second or even third, but when you date a guy with children, you must realize that’s exactly where you might be.  If it is important for you to always be first, kindly move on to someone else.  A guy with children will always put his children first and drop everything he’s doing if his children need him.  It doesn’t matter if you planned the most elaborate date night or you’re cozying up at home watching a movie, if his children need him, that’s where he’ll be.

5. Take His Interest in You Seriously

He wouldn’t be dating you if he didn’t see you as the one.  Guys with children don’t waste their time dating women who they don’t see as a possible stepmother candidate.  This doesn’t mean he’s going to ask you to marry him tomorrow or plan out honeymoon destinations next week, but know that he’s dating you because he’s serious about you.

Dating a single father will definitely be a challenge, but follow our five expert tips to make things easier all around.

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