Dating Tips for Introverts Looking for Love in Dallas-Fort Worth

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We know how hard dating can be as an introvert.  Talking to strangers is tough enough when you have confidence in yourself.  We know you’re looking for love in Dallas-Fort Worth, but that requires putting yourself out there in situations you really don’t want to be in, introvert or not.  Approaching a stranger at a crowded bar or local coffee shop is not really fun, but avoiding it will only keep you single.

If you want to better your chances of finding love, then you need to check out these six dating tips for introverts from our Dallas matchmakers.  They are going to help you, we promise!

1. You Pick the Location

The aim here is to feel as comfortable as you can despite being an introvert.  If you fear your date is going to take you to a crowded bar, a loud concert, or a rowdy sporting event, then take charge of picking the date location.  Obviously you don’t want to pick something you’ve never done before.  Pick a cozy coffee shop or a quiet restaurant where you feel comfortable opening up.  The more at ease you feel in the date atmosphere, the less nerve-wracking the date will be.

2. Choose an Activity Type of Date

We know how much you hate opening up to someone you don’t know.  In fact, it’s probably the last thing you want to do.  To ease your nerves, you can pick a date activity that is laidback and fun.  A date with an activity such as bowling or mini-golfing might be perfect for you to come out of your shell.  Why?  Because there is less pressure on you to talk the entire date.  The conversation will flow naturally because you’ll be having a good time together.  On the other hand, an activity date might be best for the second date when you feel more comfortable with them.

3. Be Present

A common struggle for introverts is being present, especially in social settings.  Introverts are more likely to think inwardly rather than expressing themselves.  This can definitely affect you because your date might think you’re not interested in getting to know them (when you really are).  So instead of zoning them out, make an effort to be present.  There will be time to reflect when you get home, so for now listen and talk with your date.

4. Don’t View Introversion as Something Negative

We know it’s not always easy to look on the bright side of things.  Being an introvert might make you feel like you’re not worthy of dating, and this can definitely spoil your chances of finding love.  But you need to turn this around. Having introverted tendencies doesn’t make you a bad person.  Everyone in the dating scene is different.  Focus on the positive things you bring to the table instead of worrying about your introversion.

5. Take a Breather

This is very important, especially if you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed.  If you don’t calm yourself down, you’re only going to feel worse.  If you feel like your nerves are getting the best of you, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom or step outside to breathe some fresh air.  Take a few moments to breathe and compose yourself so you’re feeling at ease to return to your date.

6. Take Some Time for Yourself

It’s common for introverts to feel drained after being in a social setting; therefore, a date might take everything out of you—leaving you tired and worn out.  So make sure when you get home you take some much-needed relaxing time to calm down.  You can also use this time to reflect about the date, but make sure those thoughts are positive.  If the date didn’t go as you expected, don’t worry, there will be plenty more dates coming up.  And if the date went well, give yourself a pat on the back.

Avoiding dates because you don’t like small talk and because you’re more comfortable at home is never a good dating strategy.  This will definitely prevent you from meeting people and will obviously get in the way of finding love.  So if you’re an introvert looking for love in Dallas-Fort Worth, use these six life-changing tips from our Dallas matchmakers and turn your romantic life around.

If you’re not having any luck dating on your own, it’s time to let our Dallas matchmakers take over the stress of dating.  We’ll present you with hand-selected dates and provide you one-on-one dating coaching to ensure you’re feeling comfortable and confident for each date.  Our goal isn’t just to send you out on dates and hope you hit it off.  Our goal is make dating easier and help you find and develop the meaningful relationship you’re looking for.

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