Dallas Matchmakers | How Netflix Can Save Your Relationship

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It’s funny how Netflix has become so popular today.  You know and we know it, it’s everyone’s obsession.  Everyone loves the action-packed shows on Netflix—the world’s obsessing over them.  From the Game of Thrones to Orange Is the New Black (and a plethora more), we never have to leave the comfort of our own home because there’s plenty to entertain us on Netflix.

Everyone has heard the term Netflix & chill as a code for hooking up, but that’s not what it means for serious couples.  We’re not recommending you become couch potatoes and ditch real life romance and dates, but a little Netflix here and there—especially when the work week leaves you feeling exhausted and too tired to move—can actually improve your relationship.  Couples that binge-watch shows together stay together.  So let our Dallas matchmakers show you how Netflix can save your relationship.

1. You get to spend quality time together.

You haven’t seen your partner in days because they are so swamped at work and all they want to do when they get home is go to sleep.  When they finally get a second to themselves, they’re obsessing over their favorite show on Netflix, so why not watch it together?  If you’re both busy professionals with little time to yourselves, why not use their interest as a lazy way to spend time together and reconnect?  It also shows your partner that you’re willing to compromise and take an interest in their interest so you can spend more time together.

2. You’ll get closer with one another.

Since we all have to put in long hours at work, it’s tough to coordinate time together.  However, if you watch Netflix at home, you can cuddle up and spend some QT together.  Research shows that cuddling will strengthen the bond with your partner and relieve some everyday stress.  It also gives you the opportunity to talk about each other’s day on commercials so you’re never feeling distant.

3. You won’t neglect them during a show binge.

Let’s face it, there are so many shows on Netflix yet so little time to watch them.  If you want to keep your relationship strong despite your busy schedules, you don’t have to choose between watching your favorite show and spending time with your partner because you can do both.  Since you both love Orange Is the New Black, you won’t have to worry about your partner feeling neglected or ignored while you indulge because they’ll be right by your side.  Hey, we don’t have to tell you there’s nothing worse than fighting over what to watch on TV, and now you won’t have to!

4. You can share a new experience.

We can’t share everything with our partner because we all have our own lives.  We go to work every day, hang out with our own friends, and have our hobbies and interests.  But when you watch a show on Netflix together, you’ll get to experience something new together for the first time.  Who knew binge-watching shows could create a bond between you and your partner?  You’ll feel like you’ve experienced something big together without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

5. You don’t have to fight about plans.

Sushi, Italian, or Mexican, what restaurant will you go to this weekend?  Forget all that… Its pizza and Chinese take-out at home on Friday night.  Movies or concerts when you have no energy after a long week at work, family obligations, and a rough week at the gym?  No way, you get to stay in and spend quality time with your partner without having to expend any extra energy.

There’s nothing worse than arguing and bickering with your partner about what do on a Friday night.  When you’re exhausted from a long week at work, the last thing you want to do is go dancing on the town.  But you never again have to argue about what to do when you’re tired and busy—at least not until your favorite series is over.

See, we told you that Netflix can actually help your relationship as it will allow you to spend more quality time with your partner.  Now, we’re not saying it’s healthy to lock yourselves up inside every weekend, but everyone is entitled to some quality time at home when they need it.

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