Fort Worth Matchmakers Reveal Signs You’re Dating a Cheapskate

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Want to figure out if your new boyfriend is smart with money or just a miser?  You’re at the right place.  Our Fort Worth matchmakers know that money is a sticky subject in relationships, one that causes many couples to split and go their own ways.  While flashy shows of overspending might tell you that he’s foolish with money, a man who keeps his wallet on guard can also tell you something too… he’s cheap.

So how do you know if the new boyfriend in your life is money savvy or just a miser?  Look for the telltale signs our Fort Worth matchmakers reveal for you below.

1. He always wants to split the meal.

One of the number one tricks of a cheap man is wanting to split the meal.  He’ll suggest sharing one by saying he knows you’re watching your figure.  While it’s okay to share a big meal once in a while, if this is happening all the time, he’s not doing it for your well-being but rather his.  He doesn’t want to shell out money on a meal for himself, so he’s going halvsies with you.

2. He eats before taking you on a date.

Okay, so you’ve had plans to go out to dinner all week long.  You call him before going out and he tells you he’s just eating a quick bite.  It sounds a little odd to you, but you don’t give it too much thought—that is until he gets to the restaurant and says he’s full.  Wow, what happened to those dinner plans?

Cheap men will eat food at home before going out on dates.  When they get to the date, they will say things like, “Oh, I’m not hungry. I ate before I came.”  He won’t order an item from the menu because he doesn’t want to spend a penny on a meal for himself, but that won’t stop him from reaching over to yours and helping himself.

3. He makes excuses for tipping.

Cheap men are known for asking for discounts by saying there is something wrong with the food or drinks.  But as embarrassing as this is for you, the cheapness doesn’t just end there.  Hel complains and makes excuses as to why he shouldn’t tip.  Does he makes statements about the service and say things about the waiter not deserving a tip?  Believe it or not, the waiter did not do anything wrong.  He’s making excuses because he’s a cheapskate and doesn’t want to tip for service, and that right there says a lot about a person—nothing good to be said here.

4. He assumes you’ll always spit the bill.

Even though our society is getting a little more relaxed and women are taking charge, if he assumes you’re always going to go Dutch on the date, then you have a cheapskate on your hands.  It is very important during the early stages of the relationship for him to impress you by taking you out on dates and covering the bill.  If he’s not willing to court you properly and is only willing to pay his own way, then that’s not a man you want a future with.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it can speak volumes of what you future would be like with him

5. He won’t pay for parking.

Instead of parking at the garage for $5, you’re constantly having to walk a mile in your high heels—something he sees no problem with.  He even does it when it’s drizzling or raining cats and dogs.  Yikes!  This is another clear-cut sign he’s a cheap and puts his money before you.  You deserve a man who has respect and treats you like a lady.

So tell us, how many of these signs do you see in the new man you’re dating?  Is your boyfriend smart with money or just a miser?  We’re not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to save money, but if he’s not respecting you, is embarrassing you, and always disrespecting others to get out of tipping, you don’t need this kind of stress.

Are you tired of dating men who are plain cheapskates and don’t know how to treat a woman right?  Let our Fort Worth matchmakers here at DFW Singles introduce you to successful men who know how to treat a woman right.

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