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It definitely hurts to find yourself in a situation where you think your boyfriend no longer wants to be with you.  There could be many reasons as to why he won’t just come out and say it, but sadly many people today like to hold on as long as possible because they’re afraid of being alone or don’t want to start all over again.  Whatever his excuse might be, it is selfish of him to do this to you.  When you’re over someone, you should move on no matter what fears you have about leaving.

As matchmakers, we know there is no excuse to drag someone along for your own selfish reasons.  If your guy is doing this to you, you need to pick up the pieces and move on.  Keep your head up, and don’t put up with it.  He is just holding on to you for selfish reasons.

Today, our Fort Worth matchmaking service, Dallas & Fort Worth Singles, will show you the telltale signs he’s over the relationship.

1. He Doesn’t Put in Efforts Anymore

If your boyfriend is no longer putting any efforts forth, that’s a clear sign he’s ready to move on.  Make sure you take notice to this early on so you can move on with your life right away.  If you don’t step up and ask him what he’s doing, he’s just going to drag you along.  More often than not, when a guy stops putting in efforts, it means a breakup is just on the horizons.  While some women stay no matter what, you can’t afford to be in a relationship with a man who has stopped putting in efforts.

2. He Ignores You

It’s never okay to be with a man who ignores you and doesn’t treat you right.  He is supposed to be the one who loves you the most, so why is he ignoring you?  If your partner is ignoring you, it’s safe to say that he no longer cares about you or the relationship.

Conversation is a key element in a relationship.  It’s what brings two people together, so you’re going to drift apart without it.  If your boyfriend is ignoring you day in and day out, and there is nothing happening in his life that’s making him do this, talk to him to find out why.  If after talking to him he continues to ignore you, then you know what you need to do.

3. He’s Always Busy

If he’s always busy, then there could be something going on.  There’s a saying that no matter what you’re doing in life, if you want something, you’ll make time for it, and that applies to dating and relationships.  Both individuals should be able to make time for each other no matter how busy they are with work and other everyday obligations.

While it might be hard to see each other on a daily basis, you should still see each other regularly.  More importantly, you should always be in contact via phone calls, text messages, and emails.  If he really cared about you, he would make time for you.  Really, even a simple text in the middle of the day will go a long way.  You have to put efforts into relationship because if you don’t, then the whole thing will fall apart.  If you are the only one putting in the efforts, then he has checked out, and it’s time for you to do the same.

4. You Fight Over Nothing

Having full-blown fights with your S.O. over insignificant things shows you that your boyfriend is no longer invested in the relationship.  Of course, all relationships are going to have fights and disagreements, more than we like to have them.  It’s normal and expected to have fights with your partner, but if you’re now fighting over every single little thing, then there’s something toxic about your relationship.

Our Fort Worth matchmaking experts know there is no reason to fight every day about things that don’t really matter.  Even if you make up by the end of the day, there’s clearly something happening.  If he’s the one causing the fights, then he’s over the relationship.  Move on and save yourself the heartache.

5. He’s Afraid of Commitment

If he doesn’t see you as his partner, then there is something wrong with your relationship.  Your boyfriend should be fully committed to the relationship.  If he isn’t, then you need to walk away because chances are he’s going to cheat on you.  Yes, that’s still a thing.  A lot of men have commitment issues and work through them by going from partner to partner.  If your boyfriend isn’t committed to the relationship, you need to get out right now.

6. He Doesn’t Have Long-Term Goals

If your boyfriend doesn’t have any personal goals or aspirations, it’s time to rethink this relationship.  When someone has no goals, they have nothing to live for.  He should have his own goals, and the two of you should also have goals together.  Working towards a goal together is a great way to bond and grow your relationship.  If he’s not into the idea of having a relationship goal and doesn’t want to try, then he’s over the relationship with you.

Your job as his girlfriend is to push him to try new things and to motivate him accomplish goals in life.  If he has no goals in life, then there is something seriously wrong with him.  Either way, you can’t spend the rest of your life with a man who has no goals for himself and your future together.

As hard as it is, you might need to accept the fact that your boyfriend is no longer into you.  Don’t ignore the signs we showed you today.  It’s time to walk away and find someone who is ready and willing to commit to you and put in the efforts it takes to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

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