Dallas Dating Coaches Unveil Signs He’s Your Future Husband

Before finding your ideal man to settle down with, you’ll probably go on a lot of dates with men who, at first, seem to have potential but turn out to be frogs after getting to know them better.  If you finally landed a relationship where things are going great, it might be hard to recognize if the man you’re dating is the one you’re meant to be with.

As Dallas dating coaches, we know how difficult it is to land the man of your dreams.  But what if you’re already dating the man of your dreams?  How can you determine if he’s a keeper or not?  From great chemistry to the way your friends and family love him, there are a few ways you can know if the man you’re dating will be your future husband.

Keep reading this dating blog and check out the top clean signs that the man you’re dating will, in fact, be your future husband.

1. He Plans Elaborate Dates

After being in a relationship for a long time, it’s normal for those fun and exciting dates to fade away a little.  After all, you’re already past “make a good impression” part of the relationship and have gotten cozy with each other.  So instead of elaborate dates in the city, you now settle for watching TV and ordering take-out.  However, if the man you’re with still plans dates with you in advance, that’s a clear sign he’s going to be your future husband.

If your man puts efforts into the relationship and still tries to impress you, he’s the one for you.  Despite landing you as a girlfriend, he still does romantic things because he loves to put a smile on your face.  He knows that taking you on fun and elaborate dates will make you happy, and that’s all that matters to him.

2. You Have the Same Core Values

When it comes to getting married, your core values align with his.  As the relationship progresses, the two of you should really sit down and talk about how many children you want to have, how you plan to start a family, buying a house, and any other important issues that matter to you and him.

If the two of you are on the same page when it comes to core values and share the same views and goals in life, then he will definitely be your future husband.

3. He Accepts You for Who You Are

Have you ever dated a guy who didn’t like you for who you were?  Maybe he didn’t like the way you dressed or how much makeup you used.  It definitely hindered your relationship, right?  Nothing is more draining than being with a man who doesn’t accept you for who you are.  So if you found a man who accepts you for who you are, then you need to hold onto him tightly.

A man who can see past your obsession with makeup, your love for reality TV shows, and your over-the-top laugh, he’s the one.  If this sounds like the guy you’re with, there is a pretty good chance he’ll end up being your future husband.

4. You’re Always the First Person He Calls

When a guy is in love with you and truly wants to be with you, you’ll be the first person that comes to his mind for everything.  You will be the first person he thinks of when he wakes up in the morning, so you’ll receive a good morning text message.  You’ll be the one he goes to when he gets a job promotion or when something in life isn’t going his way.  So basically, you’ll be the first person he goes to with everything going on in his life.

If this sounds like the man you’re dating, then it’s time to realize he’ll be your future husband.  A man who isn’t afraid to share the good and bad about his life is not only showing his great communication skills but also letting you know you’re the first person that comes to his mind when something happens to him.  Shhh, do you hear it?  We already hear the wedding bells in your future.

5. You Can Spend Quality Time with Him

We all need our own space from time to time, and if you’re in a relationship, then you know exactly what we’re talking about here.  However, when you find the one, you’ll want to spend most your time with him.  You will prefer to spend your free time with him, even though you know it’s not healthy to do.

When you do things without him, not only will you be thinking about him, but you’ll also be thinking about doing these things with him.  Being able to spend a lot of time with him is a sign he’ll be your future husband.

6. You’re Not Afraid to Be Vulnerable with Him

Have you ever dated a guy who made you feel embarrassed when you cried?  Perhaps your ex-boyfriend laughed at you every time you cried and told you that you were too emotional.  Being with someone who makes fun of you when you get emotional can be draining, so if you feel comfortable opening up and letting the tears flow, it’s a clear sign you found your future husband.

If you’re meant to be with your guy, he’ll have no problem with you sharing your emotions.  In fact, he will be by your side to help you through any and everything.  Being in his company when you’re feeling down makes you feel better right away.  He is always there to give you his shoulder to cry on and never makes fun of you when you get emotional.  He is the one that hands you the tissue to wipe the tears away.

So, have you found your future husband, or are you still searching for one?  If you found your future husband, we couldn’t be happier for you!  And if you’re still single and looking for love in Dallas, we know we can help you.

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