Elite Matchmakers in Dallas | Top 5 Signs Your Love Will Last

The first few days of a new relationship are the most exciting days.  When you start dating a new guy, you want to be around him all the time.  You want to go on cute dates on Friday, you want to hang out at home on Saturday nights, and you look forward to waking up and cooking breakfasts with him on Sunday.  Oh, yes, you love every minute you spend together and want to tell your friends everything about him.  And since he actually wants to make the relationship official, you know this isn’t just a short fling.  This is the real deal!

You are already past the butterfly stage, and the relationship is getting more serious by the day.  So now you’re wondering if this is the one for you.  If you feel strongly about him, you definitely want to know how he feels about you.  Luckily for you, as elite matchmakers in Dallas with nearly 30 years of experience creating happy relationships, we are the love and relationship experts.  So get ready as we show you the telltale signs your relationship is meant to last.

1. His Family Loves You

If you’re serious about settling down with someone, it is very important that you get along with his family.  The first time you met his family might have been nerve-wracking, and that’s okay.  But if it goes well and you make a good first impression, they won’t forget how awesome you are.  If you are able to win his family over, that’s a good sign.

They are going to tell him to invite you to all the family meetings so they can get to know you a little bit better.  Better yet, they will eventually incorporate you as one of the family.  If his family likes you, you have a better chance of making this relationship last.  It can be intimidating to meet them, but if it goes well, you’re halfway there.

2. His Friends Like You

Making a good impression on his family is one thing, but it doesn’t end there.  You also need to make a good first impression with the other people he loves (his friends).  Everyone knows that once a guy gets a girlfriend his friends will take a bit of a backseat.  His friends will resent him a little bit because this new woman steals him away from guy time.  To prevent that from happening to you, you must prove to them that you’re a keeper, someone who is not going to prevent him from hanging out and enjoying guy time.

Here are the essentials to win over guy’s friends.  When the time finally comes and you get to meet his best buds, you must be as friendly as you can so they appreciate your efforts in getting to know all of them.  You also need to let him go out with his friends when he wants to go out.  If they plan a guys’ night out, don’t tag along.  Don’t be that woman who doesn’t let her man hangout with his best friends because not only will his friends resent you, but he will, too.

3. Your Parents Ask About Him

You met his family over a barbeque and won them over.  You met his friends at a get together and they like you, too.  So now you ask your boyfriend to come meet your family to see where things go.  What does your family think about him?  They absolutely adore him.  If this sounds like your relationship, then it’s meant to last.  Your parents are very good judges of characters so they know who is good for you and who isn’t a quite right.

If your parents have remarked on how polite your boyfriend is, how nice he treats you, and how they support your relationship, then you already know you have made a good choice and have their blessing.  If you want to have a long-term relationship, knowing your parents approve of him will make things less stressful.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where you parents don’t approve.  If your mom and dad are rooting for you guys, then you know it’s meant to last.

4. He Never Forgets Special Days

A lot of men don’t make a big deal for special days—let’s face it, many guys forget them altogether.  It is usually up to the woman to remember special days and anniversaries, usually for their own enjoyment rather than their guy’s.  So if you’re in a relationship with a guy who always remember anniversaries without you having to remind him, consider yourself a lucky lady.

If he can remember special days, it’s a sign he cares about important little details that matter in a relationship.  It is also a sign that he’s thinking of you long-term.  So if your one-year anniversary is around the corner and he mentions doing something special, that’s a sign of true love.  A guy who never forgets relationship milestones is a keeper, so don’t take him for granted.

5. He Adores Your Flaws

Everyone has certain flaws they’re embarrassed to show others, even those who are closest to us.  But you should never be afraid to show your boyfriend your flaws.  Some people are known for making fun of others and hurting people’s feelings without even knowing.  But not your boyfriend because he loves all your flaws.  He doesn’t mind your flaws because he knows that’s what makes you unique.

So if your boyfriend loves the way you eat pizza with a fork, can’t get enough of your crazy laugh, and adores the way you turn red when you’re embarrassed, then your relationship is meant to last.  You should feel the same way about him!

So tell us, is your current relationship meant to last, or are you still searching for the one?

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