Dallas Dating Coaches on Why Breakups Are Valuable

There are two types of people in this world: those who learn and grow from hardship, and those who become affected by it and don’t learn anything from it.  As the leading Dallas dating coaches, we want you to take this unfortunate situation and make something valuable of it.  When something bad happens, like the end of your relationship, it’s important to learn from it.  You need to pick yourself up and move on from it; otherwise, you’ll never heal and find love again.

It’s okay to feel the pain, but it’s not okay to live in pain.  Today, our Dallas dating coaches here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service are going to show you all the valuable lessons breakups teach you.

1. It Builds Your Confidence

If you don’t let a breakup bring you down, it can actually boost your sense of self-worth.  So basically, it will make you more confident, which is always a good thing if you ask us.  Maybe you didn’t want out of the relationship when it happened.  But once it’s over, you realize you were the one giving too much, or perhaps you catered so much to them that you forgot to take care of yourself in the process.  It might have been subtle enough at the time, but now you realize it and will never do it again.

You don’t want the same story to repeat again because you know you deserve better.  Maybe you thought that they would return the favor to you at some point but never did, and now you know for sure they were never good enough for you.  It doesn’t matter why the relationship came to an end, or how sad you are today, because now you know you deserve someone better.

2. You Get to Be Single Once Again

Whoever said that being single in Dallas was a bad thing?  There are many responsibilities that come along with being in a relationship, and nurturing one does require a lot of energy and efforts.  Maybe the breakup is the world telling you that it’s time to do a little more dating and learn more about what you want in a partner, or maybe you need to spend a little more time on your own and do some self-growing instead.  Maybe when you do start dating again, you’ll meet someone who can be a great connection to advance in your career or someone who pushes you to achieve all your dreams in life.

Don’t look at being single as a negative experience because it can be very valuable to you.  Pretend that it’s an awesome thing and good things could start happening to you.  The happier you are about your new single status, the better light you’ll make of it and the more growing you’ll do as a person.

3. You Will Change Your Type

It didn’t work out with your usual type, so now it’s time to redefine your type of ditch it altogether.  Luckily for you, you can do that, and that is the fun part of dating.  Right after your breakup, it can be hard to feel excited about dating again, but you’ll eventually get there.  It might take a while to get over those tears that will definitely fall from time to time, like when you’re shopping at the mall or watching a TV show at home, but you’ll eventually heal and put it all behind you.

While you’re going through that process, it helps to sort through the good and bad because your ex may not have been as great as you always made them out to be.  Maybe they have values that are different than yours, or maybe they didn’t want to give up their party days to settle down, and that’s good to know.  There are plenty of singles in Dallas who share your values and are also looking to settle down.  Our matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service can introduce you to singles who are compatible with you, people whose values and futures align with yours.

4. You Can Try New Things

As Dallas dating coaches, we know that relationships can fall into a routine.  And although there is nothing wrong with a routine, it prevents you from doing some of the things you want to do in life.  But as soon as you come out of your relationship, there’s nothing stopping you from doing everything you want to do.  In fact, we recommend you start doing new things outside of your routine.  This could include switching restaurants, going to a new gym, checking out different local coffee shops, going to different movie theatres, or anything else that interests you.

While it can definitely bring you down to feel like you’re going out of your way to avoid someplace simply because it reminds you of your ex, the upside of trying something new is that you’ll start creating new memories, ones that don’t include your ex.

If you have a list of new restaurants you’ve been dying to check out, now is the time to get out and explore, even if it means eating dinner solo.  Maybe you love going to your gym but don’t want to run into your ex, so why not check out the new CrossFit box across town or start running in the park on your lunch hour?  This could help you meet new people, but it could also change your body in different ways and boost your confidence.  Remember that change is always good, even if it’s forced changed.

While there are many relationships out there that will last a lifetime, many won’t, and that’s the truth.  As humans, we’re always changing, even if it doesn’t feel like it.  Emotions, seasons, feelings, and trends always change.  Nothing in life is permanent, and while that can sometimes be scary, it can also create new opportunities in our lives.  So take these valuable lessons from your breakup and write a new chapter in your book.

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