5 Secrets to Stop Attracting the Wrong Single Men in Dallas

Another weekend has come and gone, and how did you spend it?  Like many weekends past, you spent it trying to fend off the wrong men.  Why does this keep happening to you?  And more importantly, is there anything you can do to put an end to it?

Luckily for you, there are a few things you can do to stop attracting the wrong single men in Dallas.  Some of the tactics might take a little longer to achieve, while others can be done right away.  Our Dallas matchmakers have helped many women before you, and we’re here to help you, too.  Today, we’re going to reveal the secrets to stop attracting the wrong men and start attracting quality guys who are worthy of a relationship.

As professional matchmakers, we know that it’s not hard to stop attracting the wrong men, but you must want it.  You really need to put an end to it and say no to Mr. Wrong from here on out.  Otherwise, you’re simply setting and allowing yourself to be used again and again.  And that’s not what you want.

We want you to move forward until you find Mr. Perfect.  Picture him, then picture doing wonderful things together.  Once you know what type of man you want in your life, you will never, and we mean NEVER, settle for anything less.  So get ready to start attracting quality single men in Dallas… No more duds in your dating life.

1. Dress to Impress

If you want to attract a classy guy, then you can’t dress trashy.  You need to dress classy.  If you want to attract a successful and smart man, you must dress the part.  If you dress in a trashy way, then you’re only going to attract self-absorbed men who are after one thing.  People are usually attracted to people who are similar to them because it’s comfortable.

It’s time to completely reinvent yourself so you can start attracting quality men who are worthy of a committed relationship.  If you’re lacking in the clothing department, it’s time for a little change in your appearance.  Start dressing elegantly and sophisticated to start attracting quality men.

Examine your wardrobe and start paying attention to the way you dress.  Start being more selective with what you wear and keep an eye on the latest styles.

2. Do Not Come Off as Desperate

You remember the guys your mom and dad warned you about?  Well, those guys know how to pick up on your mindset and body language by simply looking at you.  With one quick glance they can immediately know whether you’re desperate or not.  If you seem desperate, then they know their chances are good with you.

We know that you’re reading this blog is because the last thing you want to do is attract another Mr. Wrong.  In order to prevent that from happening again, you must stop acting desperate.  When you are out on the town don’t cling to people, don’t rub against them, and don’t act like you’re desperately searching for the one.  Be confident, happy, and reserved.  Remember that a desperate woman never lands a good man.

3. Do Not Rely on Looks Alone

You have heard this saying many times before, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Well, the same rule applies to men.  Look for good qualities such as hygiene, manners, and respect, and don’t rely on looks alone.

While the bad boy might have your knees buckling and your stomach full of butterflies, he also knows that’s how he’s going to reel you in.  The average guy might not look like the edgy bad boy that catches your immediate attention, but he’s better than the bad boy when it comes to relationships.  Why?  Because he has substance, manners, and respect for women.

4. Don’t Be Flirty with Everyone

You don’t have to be nice to every man you encounter.  This is a hard rule to follow for most women because they’re taught to be nice.  Being nice to every man you meet or being overly friendly lets men know that you’re an easy target.  Mr. Wrong will be able to easily manipulate you because he knows you can’t hurt people’s feelings.  He knows he can treat you with disrespect and you’ll take it.

If you want to stop attracting the wrong single men in Dallas, it’s time to let go of the notion that you need to make everyone happy.  Instead, focus on your group of friends and keep new guys at a distance until you get to know them better.  Learn to walk away when someone doesn’t treat you right.  You don’t need someone like that in your life.

5. Don’t Go Where They Hang Out

If you really want to stop attracting all the Mr. Wrongs, you have to stop going to the places they hang out.  And where do they hang out?  At the local bars and clubs.  You already know the local watering hole is full of nothing but Mr. Wrongs, so why do you continue to go there?

As professional matchmakers, we know the Dallas dating scene can be tricky to navigate, especially when you’re looking for the real deal in love.  But we can tell you one thing: you’re not going to meet relationship-worthy men at the bars.  Never go to a place where Mr. Wrongs hang out; otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble.

While you’re at it, if you really want to start attracting quality single men in Dallas, start going to places you’ve never been to before, including different coffee shops, restaurants, museums, charity events, and even work seminars.  Make changes in your everyday routine and you’ll find better places to hang out and mingle with like-minded people who are on your level.

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