Matchmakers in Dallas Reveal How to Keep Him from Cheating

 As the leading matchmakers in Dallas, we know there is no fool-proof way to keep someone from cheating.  But we also know there are a few things you can do to keep your man from cheating on you.  Threatening him will never work and will actually create a hostile relationship, which is not what you want.  Instead, stay positive and focus strictly on making your relationship work.  Build the relationship to the point that cheating not only looks bad but is something neither of you will ever do.

There are many men who will cheat.  They cheated in past relationships and will cheat again.  They like to blame their girlfriends for their actions, and we call them cowards.  They should never get involved with someone if they plan to cheat.

The average guy, however, doesn’t get into a relationship hoping to cheat.  In fact, that’s probably the last thing on his mind.  So you think that everything will be okay and have hopes for the future; however, the opportunity to cheat is always lurking in the shadows.  To protect your relationship and to keep your man from cheating, our professional matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service have some tips to help you cheat-proof your relationship.

1. Tell Him How Much You Trust Him

Want to know the easiest and most effective way to keep your man from cheating?  Tell him that you trust him and do it often.  Doing this lets him know that he is worthy of your trust.  Secondly, if the opportunity ever arises, he probably won’t do it because he won’t want to let you down.  Tell him that he is one of the few people you trust with all your heart and that it’s rare for you to trust someone so much.  Your boyfriend will stay faithful to you because he values the trust you have in him.

2. Do Not Nag Him

He just got home from work and what is the first thing you do?  You nag him.  “Why didn’t you call me during your break?” “Why didn’t you pick up the groceries I asked you to pick up?” “Why do you always get home and throw your dirty laundry on the floor?”

And then 30 minutes later, you say it again.  This time, you drill it into his head so hard that he’s angry.  But he’s not only angry, he’s grouchy and doesn’t want to be around you.  Let it go.  Seriously.  If you love him, give him some space and cut him some slack, especially after a long day at work.  If you drown him with your nagging, he’s going to look for an escape route, and guess what that will be… His secretary, someone he runs into at the supermarket, or the blonde at the gym.

As the top matchmakers in Dallas, we know that nagging is one of the biggest relationship killers, one that could drive your boyfriend into the arms of another woman.

3. Pull Him Back into the Relationship

Does it look like your boyfriend has started to pull away from you and the relationship?  Well, it’s time to pull him back.  If you don’t want to lose him, it’s time to pull him back with everything you can.

You can start by finding out what’s bothering him and making him pull away from you.  Ask him if it’s your nagging, your temper, or your lack of efforts.  Sometimes, all it takes is a serious heart to heart to bring your man back.  On the other hand, if he doesn’t seem interested in working things out, then it might be time to call it quits before he cheats on you.

4. Flirt with Him

As the leading matchmakers in Dallas, we know that couples in long-term relationships often forget how to flirt with each other.  Sure, the two of you might have a good time together, go on the occasional date night, and laugh like teenagers, but when was the last time you flirted?  If you’re like many couples, it has probably been a while.

Have you ever seen those couples who are sickeningly close to each other?  You know, the ones that are constantly flirting with each other?  Well, guess what, that’s what works!  You and your partner need to do the same.  If you don’t want your man to run into the arms of another woman, you need to flirt with him like you did when you first started dating.

Seduce him into the bedroom, give him a compliment, tell him how happy you are to be with him, and do flirty things with him.  Let him know and show him that you’re still in love with him like you were in the early stages of your relationship.

5. Create New Goals Together

Do you really want to stop your man from going into the arms of another woman?  Then you need to create new goals together.  Life goals for couples can include job promotions, vacations, and life dreams.  It could also be something such as saving for a new car or house, getting fit, or maybe even starting a family.

Couples that start goals together and work hard at them are more likely to stay together.  The goals will keep your man focused on what’s important and will decrease the chances of him cheating on you.  There will be no time for him to scope out other women because he’ll be so busy working on your couple goals.  Now, no man will want to mess that up because he knows you have a bright future together.

Start setting couple goals today—start small and work your way up.  Break the goals down into achievable goals and reward each other as you go along.

As the most leading matchmakers in Dallas, we know that men cheat when they get tired in the relationship, or when they feel neglected, harassed, unappreciated, and unloved.  If you want to keep your man from cheating, follow the tips our expert matchmakers mentioned above.  These are the top 5 ways to cheat-proof your relationship.

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