Dallas Upscale Matchmakers Reveal Tips to Increase Intimacy

As a Dallas matchmaking service with nearly 30 years of experience making compatible matches, we know today’s generation has definitely lost sight of what it takes to create a long and healthy relationship.  Successfully creating a long-lasting relationship is not a secret; after all, the information is all over the web.  However, it does require a lot of work.

If both partners want to have a successful relationship, they need to increase and enhance the intimacy levels.  Our Dallas upscale matchmakers know that intimacy is one of the most important things partners can have, as it will deepen the emotional connection. 

Intimacy isn’t just about touching each other.  Intimacy is about spending time together.  Intimacy is about giving your partner the attention they desire, while all your friends want to hang out with you.  Intimacy is always thinking about your partner and letting them know they’re on your mind.

People mistake intimacy with sleeping together, but it’s nothing like that.  Intimacy is much deeper than sex.  It is more fulfilling and something that lasts.  Today, our Dallas upscale matchmakers will teach you how to increase the intimacy in your relationship.

1. Share your secrets with your partner.

Of course you don’t want to share everything right away, as you want to leave some things to the imagination.  But if you really want to create more intimacy in your relationship, then you’re going to have to start sharing with your partner.  Let your partner know your deepest secrets because it’s like accessing a trapdoor.  It’s like finding a hidden gem that was never found before.

Letting your partner know your secrets will create a connection unlike anything else because it signifies that you trust them and aren’t afraid to share your secrets with them.  Your partner will also feel more comfortable sharing their own secrets with you, which will make the relationship stronger and more intimate.

2. Spend Time with Each Other’s Families

We understand that every family is different and so is the way everyone grows up.  But family is very important to everyone, so much so that your partner’s family’s approval is essential for the relationship.  Your partner’s family will always be there for them so if you want to enhance the intimacy with your partner, you need to spend time with them.

We encourage you to invite your partner’s family over and build a deeper connection with them.  Their family will give you a glimpse into your partner’s upbringing, along with what you can expect down the road.  Plus, if you plan on marrying this person, then you need to get along with their family and create a good relationship with them, which is why getting to know them is very important.

3. Sleep together, but don’t have sex.

You heard that right, and we’re serious about this one.  While we completely respect two consenting adults doing the deed in the bedroom, there is also undeniable value in spending quality time together without having sex.

It is very important to spend quality time in the bedroom and wake up happy.  You will have a stronger relationship if it’s not based solely on sex.  You and your partner will have a deeper connection that will last, and that will be a true friendship.

4. Do new things with them.

Whether it’s starting a new show on Netflix together or visiting a nearby town, doing something for the first time as a couple, regardless of what it is, will create intimacy in your relationship.  As professional matchmakers, we want you to share new experiences together.  If you have always wanted to go to a Thai restaurant, go with your partner.  If you have always dreamed of skydiving, take your partner to share the exhilaration as a couple.  Both of you will experience the thrill of doing something new together, which will strengthen your bond and create more intimacy.

Your partner will love that you chose to take them to do something for the first time and will always remember that experience and the feelings it evoked.  Now that right there is what we call true intimacy.

5. Be there when your partner needs you the most.

Anyone can be there for the good times, but a real partner is there through the good times and the bad.  Building a connection with your partner isn’t just about taking them out to eat or doing fun and romantic things.  It’s about being there for each other during the rainy days and the storms.  It’s about doing the things you really don’t want to do but do anyways because you love them.

You will create intimacy by showing your partner that you will be there for them no matter what is going on.  Don’t just be that partner who stands by their partner on sunny days, but rather be the one who is will to hold the umbrella when it rains.

6. Run errands together.

This one might sound a little lame, but it’s actually very important.  Now, you might be asking yourself what’s so intimate about running silly errands with your partner, but it’s actually very intimate.  It shows your partner that you’re willing to spend time with them even if it’s doing lame things.  It means you enjoy their company even if it is just grabbing groceries, taking the dog to the vet, or taking the phone in for an upgrade.  When the things that are mundane become fun, it means you love your partner’s company.  And guess what?  That is very intimate.

7. Just live together.

You know you found yourself a keeper when you enjoy complete silence with them.  This means you have reached a level of intimacy that you’re completely comfortable, even during long silences.  That is something many people in the Dallas dating scene wish to find.

You don’t have to watch TV.  You don’t have to have music on.  You don’t even have to have your cell phone on because the only thing that matters is that you’re next to your partner.  It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you just enjoy every moment with your partner.

Intimacy is vital to every relationship, but don’t assume it’s just about sleeping together.  As you can tell, intimacy is more than that.  It’s about loving your partner and enjoying your time together.

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