Fort Worth Matchmakers Reveal the Traits of Quality Woman

Believing that physical appearances are only thing that makes a woman worthy of dating is a common misconception of many men in the Dallas-Fort Worth dating scene.  However, what men don’t understand is that those good looks will eventually fade.  If all she had was good looks, and nothing going on upstairs, you’ll be left with nothing.  You won’t have any chemistry or compatibility to keep the relationship alive.

This doesn’t mean you need to settle for a woman you’re not attracted to, because our Fort Worth matchmakers know that won’t work either.  But there are very important traits and qualities you need to look for when dating a woman.  So what are those qualities?  Today, our experienced Fort Worth matchmakers are going to show you what a quality woman looks like from the inside out.

1. A quality woman doesn’t care for jealousy.

While bouts of jealousy is going to happen in any relationship, a quality woman will not carry a lot of jealousy with her.  She will not care that you hang out with your boys for weekly poker nights, nor that you have a female secretary working in the office.  A mature woman allows her man to live his life, providing you don’t do anything to break that trust.

2. A quality woman is intellectually challenging.

There is no denying that men go for women who are physically attractive.  After all, it’s that initial attraction that piques a man’s interest.  But physical attraction isn’t the only thing that holds a relationship together.  As we mentioned earlier, looks eventually fade.

A quality woman is someone who will not only be physically attractive but intellectually stimulating as well.  It will be impossible to have a relationship with someone who is not on your intellectual level.  Being intellectually challenging and capable of holding smart conversations about good topics will keep the relationship thriving.  What good does it do to land a 10 if she has the intelligence of teenybopper?

3. A quality woman is open and honest.

How long could you be in a relationship with a woman who was always lying to you?  We would hope not long.  If trust isn’t present in the relationship, it’s not going to work out.  Our Fort Worth matchmakers want you to find a woman who is honest and open because that’s the only way to build a solid foundation to a relationship.

4. A quality woman is motivating and supportive.

Finding a supportive woman is important as you work through life and create a successful relationship.  No one wants to be with a Debbie Downer, right?  Nobody wants to date someone who isn’t there to motivate and encourage them in their endeavors.  She will be your lover, a partner in crime, and a teammate in anything you set your mind to.

5. A quality woman is ambitious in life.

In addition to being there to motivate and support you, she should also pursue her own goals and dreams in life.  A mature woman always has something going on in her life and is always chasing something more.

A quality woman will work just as hard as you do, maybe even harder.

6. A quality woman is consistent.

Being consistent is valuable because it lets you know who she truly is.  There is nothing worse than dating someone who was only acting in the beginning stages of dating and lets their true colors come out later on.

7. A quality woman puts in efforts.

As professional matchmakers, we always want the men to put in the efforts to court a woman.  But this doesn’t mean that a woman should just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Just as important as it is for you to put in the efforts, she should put in the same energy and efforts.

It can be as simple as asking you out for lunch or offering to pay for a date every once in a while.  She could surprise you with breakfast in bed or take Fido out for a walk when she knows you’re running late.  We know that romance can wear off after months of being together, but you shouldn’t let it, and neither should she.

If the woman you’re dating continues to do things for you after months of dating, despite knowing that you’re not going anywhere, then you have yourself a keeper.

8. A quality woman has class.

We’re going to tell you one thing here: class has nothing to do with the name brand or price tag.  Class is about the way she carries herself; how she respects herself.

It doesn’t matter what type of shoes she’s wearing or what handbag she’s toting, if she has an ugly attitude and treats people with disrespect, then she doesn’t have class.

9. A quality woman is always improving herself.

Whether it be starting a new workout routine, reading a new book, or taking a new class, a quality woman will always be looking for a way to improve herself and lead a happier, healthier life.

In today’s generation of ultra-small models, there’s so much emphasis on a woman’s body instead of what happens up top.  If the woman you’re dating is always working to better herself, not just her body but her mind as well, then you have yourself a keeper.

10. A quality woman wants you to be the best version you can be.

This tip is identical to the one mentioned above, but this one is for you.  A quality woman will not only work to better herself, but she will want to see you become the best version of yourself.  Now, don’t get this one confused with changing you, because she doesn’t want to change you.  She loves you for who you are but always wants to see you be the best version you can be.  Stay away from women who belittle your ambitions and find one that pushes you to achieve them.

Gentlemen, as the leading Fort Worth matchmakers, we know that finding quality women in today’s dating scene is tough.  But fortunately for you, our matchmakers have quality women who are ready to be in a relationship; women who will surpass your expectations.

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