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Dallas Matchmaking ServiceAs one year comes to an end, another one will inevitably start.  Now is the perfect time to reflect on what went well and what you want to improve, and our matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles know that’s where relationship resolutions come into play.

Relationships rarely succeed without efforts from both partners.  This is why our professional matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles will share some of the best resolutions and how you can accomplish them in the New Year.  These relationship resolutions will improve the bond between you and your partner.  Get ready as our professional team of Dallas matchmakers release their ultimate love and dating resolutions for 2015!

1. Always Put Your Relationship First

Our professional team of matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles want you to put your relationship first.  Make each other a priority.  For instance, check in with your partner throughout the day, send them a text or call them to see how they’re doing.  Spend quality time together throughout the week, and most importantly, go out on date nights so your relationship can thrive with love and excitement all year round.

2. Create Tech-Free Zones

Our matchmakers want you to have tech-free evenings, say from 7-11.  Or, even better, you can have a tech-free weekend.  Our dating and relationship experts believe this will lead to improved quality time spent together.  Rather than checking your iPhone while drinking your morning coffee, connect with each other and have meaningful conversations.  This lets you catch up with one another as well as creates a bond together.  It also lets your partner know they are important to you and that they have your undivided attention.

3. Better Your Communication

Communication is always something our professional matchmakers recommend couples work on as a New Year’s resolution.  Our dating experts want you and your partner to strive to be more respectful with each other in the New Year.  Create and set rules for both of you during difficult conversations, and also try to listen to what your partner has to say instead of just wanting to do all the talking or quickly responding.

4. Show More Affection

Another top resolution you and your partner need to resolve to follow is being affectionate, even if it’s just for a short period of time.  Holding hands, hugging, cuddling, and kissing hello and goodbye are small gestures that will bring you and your partner closer together.  Make it a point to hug your partner every day in 2015.

5. Have Fun Together

Instead of turning the TV on at night and watching countless hours of reruns until you both fall asleep, why not break out a deck of cards or dig out the old Yahtzee game in the hallway closet and have some fun together?  You don’t have to do this every day, of course, but you can at least make it a point to do it twice a month.

6. Start Praising Each Other

Our matchmakers want you to start acknowledging your partner’s big and little efforts in everything they do.  For example, thank you partner for cleaning the house on Fridays, thank them for cleaning the litter boxes or walking the dog every day, and thank them for the home cooked meals every evening.  Don’t take your partner for granted.  Imagine how difficult it would be to do those things on your own all the time.  Oh, and don’t forget to thank them for thinking of you and picking up your favorite snack on their way home from work.

7. Be Kinder

Treat your partner or spouse as nice as you treat other people.  Our matchmakers want you to practice being more patient and tolerant with each other.  Remind yourself daily that your partner is the most important person in your life and that they need to be treated accordingly.

8. Try to See Your Wrongdoings

We all go on about life and relationships with acts of denial and sometimes disconnection, and unfortunately, this can have a huge effect on our relationships.  These wrongdoings are things that your partner will pick up on while you never notice them.  It might be something you keep arguing about over and over again or it might be your lack of attention towards them or something else.  Our matchmakers want you to wake up and try to identify these wrongdoings so you can make an effort to fix them in the New Year.

9. Become More Adventurous

The start of a new relationship is exciting because of all the new things going on.  Why not try to bring those things back into your relationship in 2015?  For instance, instead of going to the same old restaurant every time you go out on a date, why not go to the newest hot spot in town?  Even better, forget the restaurant and try something new altogether.  Go hiking, kayaking, or to a wine-tasting event.  There are many activities you can do around Dallas and Fort Worth, things that will bring the fun and excitement back into your relationship in the New Year.

10. Laugh More

It is no secret that couples who laugh together have better chances at staying together.  These couples tend to last longer than couples who are always serious and never laugh.  Our matchmakers suggest going to a comedy club or watching funny movies at home.  Cuddle up and go for a walk down memory lane and share funny childhood stories or funny moments in your relationship.  Trust us, if you want to bring that spark back, this is a great way to do it. Whatever it takes to bring a smile or laugh to your relationship, go for it.

Relationships require a lot of work, and that’s no secret.  Our dating experts know that it’s helpful to reflect on the year in passing and think about how much you are going to improve in the upcoming year.  The above resolutions from our matchmakers highlight some of the most important ways you and your partner can accomplish just that.  Spend quality time together, laugh with your partner, romance them, and show your gratitude and affection, and believe us, your relationship with thrive in 2015!

The New Year should give you plenty of opportunities to resolve the mistakes and shortcoming from the past year, now you just have to resolve to do it.

Happy holidays from all of our professional matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles!


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